Groomer gifts?

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Lostbeyondwords Sat 17-Nov-18 00:32:00

This will be the first Christmas that we've been taking our boy to a groomer. Do those of you who use a groomer usually get them gifts? Is it like teachers and kids?

I'd really like to get her something because our dog's been so much better with home brushing and bathing since going to her, but I've no idea what to get. Any groomers have anything they've been given that they thought was a really nice gift?

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Bostonbell Sat 17-Nov-18 04:38:43

Oh wow it’s so nice when a customers parent gives me a gift . Most groomers have dogs of their own so if you know the breed something along those lines . Or chocolates live chocolates!!! Hand creams etc always lovely as we groomers spend a lot of time with wet hands 😀 anything you give would be so appropriated as it’s such a kind gesture

BiteyShark Sat 17-Nov-18 06:09:42

I gave my dogs groomer a box of chocolates and will probably do something similar this year just to say thanks. I also give our dog walker a gift.

I don't think it is expected at all but it's the one time of year I can provide a gift that says thanks for going above and beyond for BiteyDog.

Floralnomad Sat 17-Nov-18 12:00:21

I put £20 in a card for mine

Lostbeyondwords Tue 20-Nov-18 16:18:31

Ah, yes she does have her own dogs!! I just thought being a groomer, she'll have dog stuff coming out of her ears lol. Hand creams - Bostonbell thank you. I always think when someone looks after or helps you with something so precious to you, whether an animal or a child, you should show you appreciate it smile I hope you get lots of gifts and appreciation for Christmas

Floralnomad haha I couldn't give money, she's so lovely with our boy i already feel like I should empty my purse, coat, pockets to tip every time lol.

Chocolate is good for most things isn't it BiteyShark, I might ask what ones she likes, I'm paranoid over giving useless chocs because I've been gifted so many and they get binned or given away.

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BiteyShark Tue 20-Nov-18 17:21:10

I find it really hard to get a good balance for gifts. They look after our precious dogs so well that whilst I want to say thanks I equally don't want to embarrass them either by going overboard iykwim.

For my dog walker I gave a gift card last year as it doesn't seem quite like giving money even though technically it is.

Hand cream sounds good for the groomer but I would worry I gave one they didn't like or couldn't use if it irritated them but the thought did make me think I could give boots gift card and say treat yourself to some lovely hand cream etc.

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