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Babyroobs Fri 16-Nov-18 10:48:43

Just looking for advice on my seven year old cockapoo bitch. She was poorly last week vomiting lots and not pooing for a few days. She vomited up what looked like a piece of cloth which was unusual for her ( my other dog regularly swallows socks etc) as she doesn't normally swallow things. Anyway we had a trip to the vets, vet did a PR, checked for obstruction, gave ant-acid injection etc. I was meant to take her back the next morning but once home she had a big poo all over our hall floor and then started to pick up. Has been ok most of the week ,eating well seemed very hungry etc. Then yesterday morning seemed unwell again, her tummy was gurgling excessively, she didn't want breakfast and went straight outside to eat grass as they do when they feel sick. She had a quiet day ( no walk etc), seemed fine in the evening seemed really hungry again and ate normally, was begging for titbits in her normal way ( didn't get given any). Now this morning, the same scenario - looking glum , didn't want breakfast , tummy gurgling and chewing grass. I just don't know what to do. I'm trying to avoid another £100 vet bill like last week, but obviously will pay if she neds to go back - last week the vet wanted to do Xray, scans, blood test for Addisons disease etc . Anyone any ideas as to what may help ?

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BiteyShark Fri 16-Nov-18 11:15:40

Given that a piece of cloth was vomited up could there still be a possibility of more of it causing a partial obstruction.

My dog did have an obstruction from eating a rag and I am so glad I didn't wait as it only moved a bit in his intestine so they were able to get it out without him losing any part of his bowel. He also has IBD which was only completely diagnosed by having extensive investigations but I am insured so money wasn't a problem.

The problem is it could be something or nothing but personally if it was me I would go back to the vets.

Babyroobs Fri 16-Nov-18 11:47:22

Thanks Bitey - yes partial obstruction would make sense as her poos have been longer and thinner with some mucous ( sorry to be graphic). I have made a verts appointment as don't want to be heading into the weekend with worsening problems. Thanks for your advice.

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