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whateveryousay Wed 14-Nov-18 19:01:28

I am starting to realise that my ndn is finding my dog’s barking annoying. He has not actually said as much to me, more passive aggressive (shouting shut the fuck up out of his window this morning!) He also winds the dogs up by ‘barking’ at them if he sees them. He’s a bit odd.
So I am trying to arm myself with info about what is reasonable, before it comes to a head.
I have two dogs. Golden retriever rarely barks. Maybe once every three days if she’s in the garden and sees a squirrel. I will immediately call her in, I say within 10 seconds, definitely under 20 seconds.
My second dog is a gsd. To be fair, he is loud. He barks whenever I let him into the garden, he does a lap of woofing 10-20 seconds, then stops.
First thing in the morning, I give him a ball to hold, same with last thing at night. This stops him barking at all, so no barking at antisocial times.
During the day, so maybe 3-4 times, I’m more relaxed, so he does bark for 10-20 seconds 3 times per day, during the day.
He also barks if someone knocks at door, but stops as soon as door is answered.
I checked with ndn on other side today whether she thinks my dogs are excessive, and she replied ‘don’t be silly, not at all’.
Would first neighbour have any reason to complain to the council on this basis?

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