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meepmoop Wed 14-Nov-18 12:53:51


My dog is a border collie and as his winter coat is coming in it's gone really clumpy and he getting a bit wiffy.

I've ordered a double coat rake and comb and some new shampoo but I'm not sure if I should bath his first
or work on his coat first.

His coat is usually in good condition so I'm a bit confused as to why it's gone this way.

Thank you

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theconstantinoplegardener Wed 14-Nov-18 13:00:17

Has he been neutered since last autumn? Sometimes neutering can make dogs' hair a bit woolly. If it is that, I don't think there's much you can do, although some people find supplements helpful.

meepmoop Wed 14-Nov-18 13:07:12

He's been neutered for years now, he's 10though so maybe an age thing. We do go to the beach a lot with him to

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missbattenburg Wed 14-Nov-18 13:07:56

I would brush, bath, brush.

Brush first to get rid of as much dead hair as you can - this means there is less to clog drains, less to shampoo and less to dry afterwards.

Once he is all dry again I would give another good brush to finish him off (so to speak).

Floralnomad Thu 15-Nov-18 11:02:44

I would just take him to a groomer and let them have the mess .

Bostonbell Sat 17-Nov-18 04:56:12

Missbattenburg is spot on but also if you have a strong hair dryer try blasting his coat when it’s wet not only will it dry it will lift out dead coat . Messy but good luck . Changed in coat most probably down to age

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