Do you let your dog on the sofa?

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Mamabear12 Wed 14-Nov-18 07:25:31

Growing up our dog was allowed on sofa, but we didn’t live in a city. We lived in a new area, with new clean sidewalks, that were not used often and our dog did her business in our garden. I feel like london sidewalks are filthy. And in the park, loads of poo that people don’t pick up 😡 so we always said we would not let the dog on the sofa. But of course the kids let her up and now the dog goes up at night. She obviously doesn’t get she should not do as the kids let her up. So my question is - is this a battle I want to fight? Do I keep insisting no dog on couch? Or do I just give in now? Obviously I love having her on the couch. I just hate thought of whatever she stepped on is also going on the couch. And then if we sit on it in our pjs and get into our beds - yuck! I’m a little ocd with having clean beds, clothes etc.

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radiometer Wed 14-Nov-18 07:30:58

Just get a load of cheap throws from Ikea and wash regularly. You won't win this one!

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Wed 14-Nov-18 07:37:48

Another city dweller. The dog is allowed on the couch and sleeps in my bed.

This isn't a battle worth fighting, especially as you like having him up there. Cover the sofa with throws and wash periodically.

sandgrown Wed 14-Nov-18 07:41:10

No my dog is a non moulter and smells most of the time. He also can get a bit bossy so vet says he must stay on the floor.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 14-Nov-18 07:42:42

Yes on one sofa in the kitchen. Not on any other sofas in the house. They know the difference and never attempt it.

Get some throws to protect it, it’s a nice thing to cuddle up.

Bunnybigears Wed 14-Nov-18 07:43:04

Yep ddog is allowed on the sofa and the bed. What's the point of having a dog if you have to sit on the floor to stroke it? grin

dudsville Wed 14-Nov-18 07:43:24

I get so much happiness from having mince suit and sleep with us. All I had was a headache when I was trying to stop this. It's doable, but it's not a happy household.


weaselwords Wed 14-Nov-18 07:43:36

Not enough space for dogs as well. They take it really personally, but stay on the floor.

pinkunicorn20 Wed 14-Nov-18 07:43:52

There is no such thing as a little ocd, it's insensitive to casually use the term. What you have is a preference.

Dogs should be allowed on the sofa, they're members of the family!

Runnynosehunny Wed 14-Nov-18 07:44:44

Yes she also has her own chair.

Staringcoat Wed 14-Nov-18 07:46:20

Of course! He sometimes let's us join him too grin

Regularly laundered throws are your friend!

bengalcat Wed 14-Nov-18 07:46:55

She has her own chair but also gets on the sofa - we have throws in the sofa

DogMamma Wed 14-Nov-18 07:46:59

When we got our first dog. She never even attempted to sit on the sofa in front of us or her bed (she had been badly abused before us) after the first few mornings we noticed some of her hair left on it, so 3rd morning I called her up onto the sofa while I had my brew I have never seen a dog look so happy to be invited onto the sofa. Fast forward 6 years she has since passed. And we have 3 of her "pups" (now 4) and there is rarely room on the couch as the big boy (55kilos) hogs the 3 seater ALL THE TIME!!! He makes a great snuggly pillow though!!
No dog on the sofa is a battle you'll likely lose they will just sneak onto itnwjeb your not around anyway!! Defiant little gorgeous creatures they are!!!

JimandPam Wed 14-Nov-18 07:47:48

Bed...sofa... if it's comfy he sleeps on it!

One of my and DH fav times of the day is the morning and getting the dog up, bringing him upstairs for a cuddle in bed.

We have various throws we wash regularly. But well worth it!

Personal preference though!

Santaispolishinghissleigh Wed 14-Nov-18 07:48:11

Our 2 Lurchers are allowed on, husky not as once growled at dd for sitting in it. Rottweiler no way or nobody else would fit on! In the circumstances you discuss, blankets and give up fighting the inevitable!

yoohooitsme Wed 14-Nov-18 07:50:23

This is a logic versus emotion thing.

Our dogs sit on the sofa with us and we have light weight throws to protect it which wash and dry super easily and regularly.

Cuddly dogs is lovely imo

Snipples Wed 14-Nov-18 07:53:55

Yes our dog is allowed on the sofa, the bed, anywhere she wants really. It's basically her house and we just live in it!

DogMamma - what a beautiful little story about your pooch. Bless her!

anniehm Wed 14-Nov-18 08:00:09

We didn't use to allow it but ddog has managed to persuade us otherwise (he's basically a 20kg cat in habits, even climbs the fence like a cat!) throws are the answer, he knows he has to sit on it and doesn't get up until you lay it out

ileclerc Wed 14-Nov-18 08:00:15

He's allowed on one that has a throw over it. It's his preferred one anyway. Our sofas are cream though so I can't be doing with footprints / dirt on the non protected ones.

He sleeps in our bed though 

sparkleandsleep Wed 14-Nov-18 08:02:59

Out dog is a rescue and has never tried to get on the sofa, which I'm grateful for as in our infinite wisdom all sofas are cream! she has her own snuggly bed in every room but likes lying on a rug in front of the radiator/ in line of sun coming through the window.

Nenic Wed 14-Nov-18 08:08:50

My dog is allowed everywhere. He’s part of the family

RedDwarves Wed 14-Nov-18 08:10:16

No, because the beagle stinks and because we wouldn't have enough room with him on the couch too.

Growing up, dogs were allowed on the sofa though.

I love my dogs to the end of the earth, but I am not a fan of dogs on furniture. They aren't allowed on my bed either.

Itsallabout Wed 14-Nov-18 08:11:14

No, not allowed on any furniture or even in the bedrooms.
He is non shedding and gets plenty of cuddles and pats.

maddiie Wed 14-Nov-18 08:11:37

Honestly a dogs world is already small enough, I would never not allow him on the sofa. He's part of the family too.

DeadButDelicious Wed 14-Nov-18 08:12:00

Sofas, our bed, occasionally sharing the same pillow. DDog sleeps wherever she wants. She's a pug so is hardwired to want to be near us (specifically me, I provide the food and the walks). And it is nice having a dog too snuggle. I would suggest throws and regular washing if you are concerned about where she's walking and enjoy the dog cuddles. smile

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