Dog started pacing

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LetsSplashMummy Tue 13-Nov-18 12:09:55

Our dog has changed personality over the last few days and I don't know if something has perhaps gone wrong. It isn't obviously medical, or something we can show the vet but it is really strange.

Background, he is an old boy, 14.5, and over the last two years has become increasingly lazy, as you'd expect, sleeping most of the day, wanting only short walks. A few months ago he became occasionally incontinent and he has a collection of minor ailments, but none quite bad enough to cause him pain or be life limiting.

However, the last few days he has paced around the house constantly - round and round in circles, he might move room but then starts his circles again. I've tried taking him out a lot in case it was a UTI or something, but no other indications. He actually has his tongue hanging out, he's so unused to this level of exertion, he's been going three solid hours. Has anyone seen this in their elderly dog? Did it have a cause? How did you stop it (it might be driving me ever so slightly insane, I'm trying to work)!!

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adaline Tue 13-Nov-18 12:13:56

Pacing is a sign of pain. Please get him to the vets.

BiteyShark Tue 13-Nov-18 12:38:27

My dog is a young dog but has had many issues which caused him pain. He would get up and circle and the back down again. He would also move rooms as if trying to find somewhere to be 'more comfortable'.

It doesn't sound that different to your dogs behaviour so definitely go to the vets and get him checked out. They can often feel if the dog is in pain much better than we can by how they react to them examining them.

forestdweller11 Tue 13-Nov-18 12:47:50

Appointment required at the vets. One of our elderly terriers did this and we had to physically hold her to stop her circling in the end. Itt does have some fancy name. But was basically a brain disorder. Tablets worked for a while,(6 months or so) but in the end we did have to have her PTS. By that stage she couldn't wee or eat and was highly distressed.

LetsSplashMummy Tue 13-Nov-18 14:01:47

Thank you, Ill call the vet - he doesn't seem in pain (I've stroked/poked him gently to see). When he has had pain in the past, he usually sort of stiffens and refuses to move, sort of endures it, so this is very out of character. It just feels we are constantly going to the vet to be told: "old age, nothing we can do."

I was also hoping to avoid the vet in case there is nothing they can do, I'm scared about it I guess. The vet has already, gently, broached the quality of life issue with us. He doesn't have pain but he doesn't have much fun any more either, can't really see, strict non-exciting diet - I was hoping this doesn't cross over the line, I'm not really ready to have that conversation - pathetic I know.

Thank you for your replies (I was half hoping someone would say "oh yes, my dog once ate a berry and paced for three days, all fine now") but I guess life with an old dog isn't that simple.

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LetsSplashMummy Tue 13-Nov-18 14:07:48

I've had a wee google and his pacing is much more like the dementia type than the stress or pain type. He is also wandering off the kerb during his walks and getting stuck in corners. I think I'm surprised it has come on fast, we'll see what the vet says, although he'll probably not do it there (always tries to melt into the floor at the vet).

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forestdweller11 Tue 13-Nov-18 15:11:29

With our dog the end came really quickly - the tablets just stopped working one morning (and they had worked extremely well for a number of months) and the vet said that was it - we knew the time had come. The vet came to us.


BiteyShark Tue 13-Nov-18 15:18:20

He doesn't have pain but he doesn't have much fun any more either, can't really see, strict non-exciting diet

Awww this does sound like yet another thing I am afraid. So sorry OP but the most loving thing we can do for our dogs is to give them a dignified 'good end' to pay them back for all their years of devotion flowers

longtompot Tue 13-Nov-18 15:18:47

Getting stuck in corners says to me he has gone completely blind, and that might explain the pacing. He just doesn't know where he is. Vets is the best place, even if you don't want to think of what it might be.
I know how you are feeling. Our elderly cat, 16 years old, is declining suddenly, and when we took him to the vet I thought that was it. But not yet it seems. Just a change in meds will hopefully help.
All the best. Its a time I am dreading with my dog. She is 6 years old so hopefully a long time yet, but it brings me to tears when I think of her not being here [cry]

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