Can I get some advice on food please?

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GinGeum Mon 12-Nov-18 11:24:54

We have two dogs, one crossbreed lab/terrier and one working cocker, both 6 years old. They are currently on one of the Millies 60/40 mix dog foods and they seem great on it. The cocker needs grain free but the other dog doesn’t necessarily, although it’s easier to have them both on the same food and his coat is nice and glossy on this food.

Basically, I have no issues with this food, but we now have the option to get free dog food as part of our job, but only from one particular supplier who of course don’t sell Millies. I went today to have a look at what they’ve got, but there were some foods I hadn’t heard of and couldn’t find on the All About Dog Food website, so I’m a bit stuck. We ended up coming away with a bag of Dr John Grain Free food to try, because it seemed to have the highest meat content out of all the foods I looked at, but I thought if I list the other options here, there may be others that people have experience of?

There was also:

Autarky Grain Free (white fish I think)

James Wellbeloved Grain Free (although seems to have a bit of a rubbish review on AADF)

or Vet Spec (there were a few different Grain Free options but I was starting to lose the will to live by this point)

I think there was also Skinners Field & Trial but I think I discounted that after checking the ingredients.

Does anybody more knowledgable know anything about these foods? I am happy to continue paying for Millies if the other foods are not good at all, but it seems silly to ignore saving £40+ a month on dog food (especially with a baby due very soon!)

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