Severe allergic reaction in Dog

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Wolfiefan Mon 12-Nov-18 08:07:13

I’m glad he’s feeling better. It’s not the dye that’s the issue with rawhide. It’s the bleach and glue. Yuck!
Mine would sell her soul for dried liver so we use that!!

RIPWalter Sun 11-Nov-18 23:02:45

He is fine now thanks, just been a bit tired and cuddly today, been out for a couple of gentle walks today. It was scary, and it is worrying that if subsequent reactions are worse, he could be seriously ill.

I know it's high in salt, but he only has a small amount for training (that's the scary thing, it was only a small amount), and he's never had cured meats before (and won't again!). It just seemed like a strong smelling tasty treat that as a one off wouldn't be a problem sad how wrong I was!

He's fine with small amounts garlic, he has small amounts in hummus and loves living the hummus pot!

I did see something about rawhide recently and how bad it is, but he does love it occasionally, so not sure yet whether I'm going to stop giving them altogether. He never has the dyed rawhides though (grim). He mostly has whimzee veggie chews.

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Wolfiefan Sun 11-Nov-18 22:41:28

I would avoid rawhide. It’s awful stuff.
Cured meat as in salt? Very bad for them. Could it have contained garlic? Mine was once given cooked cocktail sausage. It did not agree with her.
Mine reacts badly to anything yeasty. No grain or processed treats. I gave dried liver until I bought a dehydrator. blush I dehydrate meat or lung and liver and heart. Tiny pieces. Keep great in a jar or even frozen. Cheap too.
Some places do allergy testing. My vet maintains it’s a waste of money with diet related issues.
Hope your dog is ok.

Honeyroar Sun 11-Nov-18 22:34:41

Hi, yes allergy testing is a thing in dogs. My little dog is a similar size and allergic to grass (along with certain food). She has a whole piriton a day. We never did the allergy tests, we did a process of elimination, which seems to just about work. I tend to avoid most treats for her, only grain free, more natural ones.

RIPWalter Sun 11-Nov-18 10:29:33

Yesterday my Dog had a severe allergic reaction. We are 90% sure he reacted to Salami.

Each week I buy him a small amount of whatever is cheapest on the Tesco Deli counter to cut up for training treats (it works really well and keeps him interested, black pudding is a particular favourite!!), this week for the first time I bought some Salami.

On Friday we did a bit of training in the house, as the weather was crap, later that evening he vomited, and was then acting "weird" all evening (although we have an ongoing rat problem in the roof space, so thought he was reacting to that), he vomited again during a very unsettled night and then again in the morning (morning vomiting is not highly unusual for him).

Yesterday morning, we took him for a walk and took the salami for treats, and he was a proper superstar (99% success rate first time with his recall!) , during the afternoon I noticed he was rubbing his face, and checked and it was swollen, there was also a small pink spot on his chest where his fur is white, so we assumed he must have been bitten or stung. Checked on google for Piriton dose and gave him half a tablet in some cheese, he then went into the garden and ate a load of grass and threw up a couple of times. So DH gave him the other half of the piriton, in some Salami sad . Facial swelling started to go down nicely and he perked up. Later that evening he was cuddled up to me on the sofa when I noticed he had bumps all over, checked his chest and the pink spot was now many big pink hives, and the facial swelling was back. Gave him another dose of Piriton. He became very unsettled, eventually vomiting massively in the living room, and then becoming really itchy, finally going to sleep at 3am.

I'm a Paramedic, so kept a close eye on him throughout, and I understand anaphylaxis and the management of it in humans. But just a few questions.

Has anyone else got a dog with a severe allergy? How do you manage it? Do you carry a Doggy EpiPen?

Any vets on here? (I plan to make a vet appointment on Monday) Is the management of severe allergic reaction/ anaphylaxis the same for Dogs as Piriton, Steriods (Hydrocortisone), Adrenaline, & Salbutamol nebs if required? Also is allergen testing in Dogs a thing?

A bit of quick research last night suggests that cured meat can be an allergen, but not particularly commonly, and it is either a mold on it or a chemical from the preserving process. I don't intend for him to ever have any cured meats ever again, but is there anything else that might be worth avoiding? Is cured meat likely to be any ingredient in any dog treats? He is fine with his kibble - Millie Wolfheart, rawhides, veggie dental chews, and any treats up to now.

Sorry that was long.

Picture of him recovering on my bed this morning.

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