My beautiful puppy was pts yesterday

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pinkunicorn20 Sun 11-Nov-18 04:13:19

She was only 7 and a half months old, I'm heartbroken.
She was such an amazing girl and we loved her so much, just feels so unfair.

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Penisbeakerismyfavethread Sun 11-Nov-18 04:15:52

Oh love, I’m so sorry it’s heartbreaking. I lost my best friend of thirteen years back in August.
Just remember your pup loved you, and knew you loved them.
It does feel unfair when they go so young, just keep on keeping on

Unicyclethief Sun 11-Nov-18 04:17:44

7.5 months? Oh no, what happened?

Shriek Sun 11-Nov-18 04:24:43

I just couldn't walk by this one

How awful, devastating and the last thing you expect in a young ddogs life.

What on earth has happened?

pinkunicorn20 Sun 11-Nov-18 04:36:06

She diagnosed with a liver shunt when we got to the vets based on a blood test. we were unaware of this until yesterday as she was a happy bouncy pup. Poor thing must have been suffering for so long and we had no idea.
I just don't understand we had check ups every 4 weeks when we took her for her flea and worming tablets.

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BiteyShark Sun 11-Nov-18 06:56:49

How awful for you and so young flowers

JanetLovesJason Sun 11-Nov-18 07:00:12

Ooh you poor thing. That’s so sad flowers


shivbo2014 Sun 11-Nov-18 07:41:46

I am so so sorry for your loss! My puppy had a liver shunt its really awful and makes them so poorly we were able to operate on ours and fixed the problem. I believe sometimes they cannot operate though.

bluetongue Sun 11-Nov-18 08:38:41

I’m so sorry. It’s so young and seems so unfair but I’m sure you loved her and she knew she was loved flowers

Icklepup Sun 11-Nov-18 12:09:19

sad poor pup

pinkunicorn20 Sun 11-Nov-18 12:27:09

No sadly in our case the likelihood of an operation being effective was extremely unlikely once her blood work was analysed and the kindest thing was to let her go.
We have her sister with us who is finding the change extremely difficult she hasn't stopped crying and looking for her. We have an appointment in the morning for a health check so I want to speak to the vet about what if anything we can do to help her.

I just can't believe this happened, 4 days ago she was bouncing around the park with her sister, she's going to be so missed.

Thank you everyone who's taken the time to reply to me.

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lenlo Sun 11-Nov-18 13:30:19

Bless her soul flowers

Shriek Sun 11-Nov-18 13:39:28

So sad for you all. My commiserations for your shock and loss.
Can we celebrate her life here with a beautiful photo of her and her DSis who is missing her so much also.

In terms of your physical loss of a dpup,did you have a contract with the owner/breeder? Fairly standard clauses on return of money paid or another dpup. Might be worth a look when you feel ready t even think about that.

My sympathies and thoughts are with you. If she was truly feeling bad, she wouldn't be bouncing around and so happy. Sick dpups go down very quickly and its obvious.
Almost glad it wasn't detected till now, or she would have gone earlier. She was growing and behaving the same as her litter mate?

pinkunicorn20 Sun 11-Nov-18 13:59:50

I hadn't even thought to look at the contract from the breeder, though we have been in touch to let them know what's happened. I wouldn't be looking to seek any money or another pup, I'm grateful we had her for as long as we did, I'm certain the breeders would not have sold her had they know anything was wrong.

I realise that might sound a little harsh but that's not the intent and I understand you weren't suggesting it. I have had a fair few comments irl suggesting similar so it's a little sensitive.
We maintain a good relationship and try to meet the siblings up on a regular basis.

Behaviour wise her and her sister were complete opposites really, but they loved to wrestle and scheme to dig up the garden. Size wise she was always smaller, not massively but she was the runt of the litter so from birth there was an obvious difference, the last time we had them weighed there was 3kg difference but the vet was happy with her, she always gained on the same scale as her sister but her sister was bigger to start iyswim.

The deterioration was extremely rapid, approx 36 hours after the vomiting she was pts, 6 hours before that she had eaten a small amount and was pottering around as normal. We took her in after she showed signs of not being able to support herself and fell down when she tried.

Hopefully the pics attached upload.

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MimsyBorogroves Sun 11-Nov-18 14:03:09

Beautiful girl. My favourite breed.

I'm so sorry - the hole they leave is unfillable.

workshyfop Sun 11-Nov-18 14:09:29

I’m so sorry to hear this. My favourite breed too. They are all heart and leave such a gap when they go. Give her sister lots of cuddles.

OutragedEtc Sun 11-Nov-18 14:21:43

I'm so sorry.

We lost a puppy at just shy of a year old and in some ways I found it harder than losing an older one (although neither is easy)
It sounds daft, but even the silly pet loss Facebook posts and poems usually reference 'faithful companions through the years' etc etc and they just seemed to compound the loss as we hadn't had that chance.

Take comfort from the fact that she hadn't suffered and it was quick, and her life had been happy and safe and fun x

cricketmum84 Sun 11-Nov-18 14:26:52

So so sorry thanks

Shriek Sun 11-Nov-18 14:31:28

Oooooh, bless them.
I umm'd and aaah'd to mention it, but felt it best you were aware of options, not that you would be looking for that, just that you knew it should be there for you.
I totally get sensitivity around that, and its lovely to hear you all maintain a relationship with the breeder and sibling pups. It's how it should look.
It bears out well then that it was previously missed, you were all blissfully unaware, carefree and happy for the time she had, thats something, it obviously didn't have affect until right at the end. I hope there's some comfort in that for you.
What a loss, I am so sorryflowers

Mmmmdanone Sun 11-Nov-18 15:42:36

So sad for you. I have a 6mo puppy and the thought of her dying so young is horrendous! You just fall in love with their little ways and they're beautiful puppy eyes. flowers

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