Would you? Golden retriever!

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Fortheloveofdoghelp Sat 10-Nov-18 18:15:30

Hi everyone! I'm hoping to get some opinions, forgive the long post but wanted to give the full picture.

We are really keen to get a dog and fully understand the commitment (owned a dog pre children and grew up with them). Anyway, we are an outdoor family, love walks, not house proud, don't mind hair/ mud etc so are fully set on the breed - golden retreiver. This is the breed for us based on extensive research and speaking to breeders etc.

So, my question! Would it be mad to consider getting one at this point in our lives?! We have 2 young school age children (4.5 and 5.5 yrs) and planning baby number 3 in a few years time, hopefully. We live in a small house with a small garden, this won't change. We have direct access to woods, parks, countryside. I work part time, mainly from home. Should we wait until we have another child and they are in school? Should we discount a dog because our home is small? I just don't know when is a good time! I thought maybe now because we would have a trained dog by the time we think about another baby (at least 2 years away before trying I think), or should we not consider a dog until we've completed our family? Any thoughts?! Thank you!

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Fortheloveofdoghelp Sat 10-Nov-18 18:16:13

Also would be really lovely to hear experiences from any golden owners! Thank you!

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SlothMama Sat 10-Nov-18 20:24:40

I don't currently own one but I grew up with them, they are a fantastic breed who are great with children. As long as you give them plenty of exercise and mental stimulation garden size wouldn't be a big issue. My only thought is the age of your children with an adolescent golden could be a problem. The girl we owned was very calm and gentle even when she was hyper. However our last boy was crazy and would knock people over when he got excited!

Go and talk to breeders, ensure that the puppies raised with children. And have a good think about what sex of dog you want! As our boy was wild until about the age of 6 haha, and he came from show lines (field bred lines are known to be much more energetic)

Fortheloveofdoghelp Sat 10-Nov-18 21:15:21

Thank you very much for your reply! We have decided on a girl from show lines, supposedly calmer and smaller than a boy! Thank you for the advice!

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tabulahrasa Sat 10-Nov-18 21:35:33

You’re probably at a fairly good point tbh, bringing a baby back to a well trained adult dog is fairly straightforward and the DC you already have should be old enough to do what they’re told when it’s a manic puppy and all bitey...

Knowivedonewrong Sat 10-Nov-18 21:43:29

We have a 6 yr old Goldie. Ours is a bit grumpy, and not used to small kids, but he's an amazing boy. A bit stubborn but was easy to train, fiercely loyal. Sheds like a trooper.

My kids grew up with my mum's Goldie and she was fab!
They really are lovely dogs. I wouldn't hesitate to have another one.

JaimeLannister Sat 10-Nov-18 22:11:57

First of all, good choice! They are amazing dogs. I have a 10 year old female and a 1 year male. The girl was terrible for mouthing as a puppy but once she grew out of that she has been a dream. So sweet natured and loves to please.

The boy is a work in progress! He had a lovely temperament and adores cuddles but gets wildly excited and jumps all over the place but he didn't mouth much. And he hasn't chewed up anything! I hoping that time will calm him down as they do take a while to mature.

As for the size of the house, I don't think it's an issue as most goldens like to be wherever you are anyway regardless of space. Especially in the kitchen.


maisiemoolou Sat 10-Nov-18 22:14:31

I'm a dog walker and one of my walkers is a retriever x spaniel (he looks more retriever). He is a brilliant boy and I've walked him since he was 14 weeks old. His recall is excellent and his temperament is amazing. He is my favourite walking doggie! I'd love one, but hubby is wanting a cockerpoo next.

Hoppinggreen Sat 10-Nov-18 22:17:09

I have a 3year old Goldie boy, I have had them since I was 10 and they are the only breed for me.
However, I waited until my dc were 9 and 11 before I got one as they are large powerful dogs, which people don’t always realise since they look like big smiley teddies. I think that because they have such a great (largely deserved) reputation as family dogs people treat them in a way they wouldn’t GSDs or Rottweilers for example.
They can resource guard ( as can any dog) and injure small children by accident, my 2 did have plenty of scratches and bites from ours when he was a puppy until he learned not to do it
The dc love him now and he is an integral part of our family but I wouldn’t have one with very small children, much as I love the breed

DrewBarryless Sun 11-Nov-18 02:55:01

I love my Goldie! I agree with a PO - I think this is a perfect time for you. My dog is just fab with kids - my 4 year old is always cuddling her (perhaps a little too enthusiastically at times) and she just sits there allowing her. Obviously, we keep a careful eye out. Our main issue is the chewing. She had a fondness for my pants and my hubby’s socks but we’re slowly coming out the other side.

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