Is it time to take her to the vet?

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Rollerbird Sat 10-Nov-18 08:42:28

Lovely saluki lurcher. 15 years old.
Her back legs had been going for ages.
It got worse and she had a bad limp on her front leg.
Went to the vets 2 weeks ago and she's on rimadyl 2 xa day and gabapentin 3 x a day.
She couldn't get up last night to go out. She can't this morning. Can be lifted but can't get up herself and can't weight bear on front foot.
What would you do?

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 10-Nov-18 09:01:27

Sadly, I think the saying of "better a day too early than a day too late" may be relevant here.

You don't mention any realistic prospect of improvement at this point. Is she still enjoying life?

LEMtheoriginal Sat 10-Nov-18 09:05:54

Honestly? I think it's today. She will hate it if she starts soiling herself and dogs mask pain really well.

Practically, tomorrow is Sunday so you would have to use OOH which will ramp up costs.

She knows she is loved flowers

Monstrous Sat 10-Nov-18 09:06:14

I don’t know what the right thing to do it, but I do know that as her owner and someone who loves her and knows her best, you will make the right decision. flowers

Rollerbird Sat 10-Nov-18 09:52:07

I've made an appointment for today...

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pigsDOfly Sat 10-Nov-18 10:54:38

So sorry to hear this.

Quality of life is everything for dogs. Definitely sounds like you're doing the kindest thing for her. flowers

TittyBoneGhoul Sat 10-Nov-18 10:58:07

So sad, but never keep a dog alive to bring joy to your life, keep them alive to have a joyous life.
I think it’s time. I’m sorry flowers


bertielab Sat 10-Nov-18 11:00:42

Sorry to hear this - dogs can rally so you vet will be able to advise better. If the dog is not in pain and you can lift her in and out the relieve herself a few more days of cuddles might be worth a wait to see what happens.

Rollerbird Sat 10-Nov-18 11:04:06

Taking her at half 11.
Will see what the vet says.
I gave her more painkillers this morning than usual but she is still in pain - lifted her up to go out. She can stagger when she is up. But she does yelp.

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tinstar Sat 10-Nov-18 11:10:11

Rollerbird - thinking of you this morning.
Got 2 oldies myself so I expect to be in your shoes before too long.

MistakenHoliday Sat 10-Nov-18 11:17:05

Oh Rollerbird I'm so sorry you're at this point. Like other posters have said, she'll know how much she's loved and if it's the right time, it's the right time. thanks for you though, it's an awful situation.

ahnow Sat 10-Nov-18 11:18:20

I'm so sorry.... but thank you for doing the right thing by her... it's the final act of love and one of the greatest ones you can show your loyal friend.

Veterinari Sat 10-Nov-18 11:19:22

With the signs you describe i’d Be concerned about the possibility of a bone tumour in her front leg.

BiteyShark Sat 10-Nov-18 12:05:11

flowers thinking of you.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 10-Nov-18 12:06:37

flowers Such a hard day for you, but I think you've done the right thing. Thinking of you.

Rollerbird Sun 11-Nov-18 16:34:06

The vet was lovely. It was the best thing.
Very emotional time. I got home with her and my husband had dug her a grave in the front flower bed next to the front door under the bay window . We've got a sandstone slab on top and will be finding nice ferns to put around her.

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BiteyShark Sun 11-Nov-18 16:43:04

That sounds a lovely tribute to her flowers

tinstar Sun 11-Nov-18 19:31:52

You've done the very best thing for her Rollerbird. thanksthanksthanks

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