Is the puppy still scared after fireworks?

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Mamabear12 Thu 08-Nov-18 21:26:53

Our 7 month old puppy, whom we have had since 8 weeks old, has always been happy and content. She always went to bed herself around 8pm and never whined etc. She was always fine to be left at night when we went upstairs. She was also fine during the day. No problem. Of course most of the day I’m with her. However, if I went upstairs to do something for an hour or two she would be content to nap or play by herself. After the fireworks, she now seems to whine a bit when we go home during the day or for the night. At least she has stopped sneaking up (she figures how to open the gate, even w a string tied on!). But finally after I told her off with a stern no, she stopped doing it (the other times I just kept being her back down, but she kept coming back up!). Anyways, I feel bad when she whines. Poor girl sad it only started when the fireworks started a few night ago. She got really distressed and was panting loads. I tried playing cd, putting her in crate etc. She doesn’t whine much at all. Just a bit before she gives up. But then I just feel guilty about her whining. But I can’t be with her all day long. I take her to the park and she gets walks (she is outside on a nice day 3-4 hours and rainy ones total 1-2). I spend hours downstairs (when I’m cooking, cleaning, doing some studies, watching tv etc). And she is with me a lot. Or she plays w the kids etc. I get that she is attached. But she used to be content and happy to sleep downstairs alone. I’m just hoping she will get better soon. Especially now there are not many fire works at all. I heard last night maybe two go off and today one. Now she doesn’t pant like crazy when they go off. But she obviously is still effected by this. Will she get over this? How long will it take?

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Mamabear12 Thu 08-Nov-18 21:29:18

Forgot to add, that I take her out for last pee at 9:30/10pm before I go up for bed. But she has always been zonked out by 8pm. She will go pee quickly when I take her and return to sleep. Except now, she has whined a little at the bottom of the steps, which makes me feel guilty . Those damn fireworks!!! (Okay; I do like fire works and my kids love them! But so annoying it’s made my poor puppy upset!).

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