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Name for our puppy - quick poll

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puppyhasnoname Thu 08-Nov-18 12:27:02

We can’t decide on a name for our new puppy. Can you help us decide from our shortlist:


Which is your favorite?

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FurryDogMother Thu 08-Nov-18 12:28:43

I like Marcel - not often you come across a dog called Marcel smile

Santaispolishinghissleigh Thu 08-Nov-18 12:33:36

Without a pic op I don't believe you even have a puppy.......

MardyMavis Thu 08-Nov-18 12:39:19 sons build a bear dog is rolo 😁

puppyhasnoname Thu 08-Nov-18 13:49:37

Furry - Marcel's a bit of a favourite, the puppy's a French Bulldog so I thought a French name might be nice. Also like Gaston for that reason.

Santa - we don't actually have a puppy at the moment, we collect him in a couple of weeks but want to have a name ready. Promise to post a pic when he's arrived smile

Rolo's a great name, Mardy! Definitely a contender for our dog's name.

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Fashionista101 Thu 08-Nov-18 14:15:16

Lemme see de doggo

Santaispolishinghissleigh Thu 08-Nov-18 14:28:34


Mumof4under10 Thu 08-Nov-18 14:29:41

Marcel smile

BaconFart Thu 08-Nov-18 14:30:33

Floyd or Frank would be my options for a Frenchie

Parky04 Thu 08-Nov-18 16:00:37

Love the name Brodie!

BitOfFun Thu 08-Nov-18 16:07:16

Picture first, or we won't help!

BitOfFun Thu 08-Nov-18 16:08:24

Oh darn, sorry, I've just seen that he's not here yet!

Gaston is fabulous. Or Marcel. Love the French theme.

Chanelprincess Thu 08-Nov-18 16:41:31

Marcel. Rolo's very popular for a French Bulldog here so I'd avoid that.

puppyhasnoname Thu 08-Nov-18 17:08:41

Right, I think we've decided to stick with the French theme. I really like Marcel, but Gaston might also be back on the cards. It's so hard to choose!

Sorry can't post a pic yet but will definitely do so once he's been collected - along with his new name!

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ogglet Thu 08-Nov-18 17:19:27

Riki is Fab!

CantWaitToRetire Thu 08-Nov-18 17:33:58

For the French theme, how about Henri or Claude?

From your list I like Marcel best. Or you could go for Marceau grin.

Alonglongway Thu 08-Nov-18 17:37:00

You have to imagine calling it when he’s down the other end of the park. I like Frankie.

puppyhasnoname Thu 08-Nov-18 18:09:50

Henri and Claude are both fab. Not sure about using Claude though as my daughter's close friend who lives next door is also called Claude (Claudia) so might be a bit weird. Henri is good, or maybe Hector?

Good point alonglongway, I don't know how I'd feel about calling out for Gaston. I also worry it might end up getting shortened to Gassy.

Thanks for all the suggestions smile

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BitOfFun Thu 08-Nov-18 19:31:42

But Gaston is so cute! And handsome . It's a great name.

PinkPupZ Fri 09-Nov-18 00:06:35


puppyhasnoname Sat 10-Nov-18 13:08:32

Thanks for the suggestions. We're going to go with a French name and have narrowed down the final shortlist to:

Gaston (agreed BitOfFun, both cute AND handsome!)

Will post a pic when we've picked him up and decided on his name.

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LEMtheoriginal Sat 10-Nov-18 13:12:53

Ferdinand? Freddie?

MikeUniformMike Sat 10-Nov-18 13:14:47


Icklepup Sun 11-Nov-18 12:10:51

Frankie or Hector

Purplehammer Sun 11-Nov-18 13:01:54


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