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Jack Russell -Bichon X - what kind of temperament?

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Cantdecidewhere Thu 08-Nov-18 06:15:45

I might have an opportunity to adopt a Jack russell- Bichon cross puppy from local rescue...Do you think this cross would have a good temperament, enjoy living with children, shed a lot/little...?
I haven't had experience with either of these breeds so any advice would be great.

Thank you.

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Pawprintjoy Thu 08-Nov-18 06:24:22

The temperament of the puppy will depend aswell as getting along with children but the rescue should make sure the dog will fit into your family.
As for shedding with a cross it depends on the individual dog, from experience Jack Russells shed abit but definitely easy to manage with a quick brush. Good luck OP smile

AlphaNumericalSequence Thu 08-Nov-18 06:30:15

I can only speak about the Jack Russell half. Jack Russells can be wonderful, brilliant dogs -- clever, full of life, etc. But they are less likely than many breeds to be reliable with small children.

Obviously all jack russels are different, and some are absolutely fine with children. But if you wanted to maximise your chance of having a dog that would be fairly tolerant they aren't the safest choice.

I have a parson russell (pretty much the same as a jack russell in terms of temperament I think) and he is the best dog in the world, so intelligent and trainable, so full of zest and joy. But he really likes his own space and is very wary of close contact if it comes unexpectedly or from people he doesn't know well enough to trust.

If you took this dog on, I'd recommend having a cosy crate that he could withdraw to when he wanted to be left to himself. And of course teaching the children about being predictable around him and respecting boundaries.

It sounds a very sweet cross. Whatever you decide I hope it goes well for you.

AlphaNumericalSequence Thu 08-Nov-18 06:43:06

Sorry, also wanted to add that because they are very high-energy dogs from a working heritage, their need for exercise and stimulation is probably greater than that of a pure Bichon.

If they don't get enough exercise they can be frustrated and look for outlets in ways that are difficult for the household

speakingtruthfully Thu 08-Nov-18 07:31:26

I grew up with 2 wonderful jack Russell , mum and daughter , fantastic both of them . Knew others too , they mostly are bright inquisitive little dogs with hearts of gold but in the wrong hands can be sharp
I know one bichion ( no papers so may be x breed ) and he's the kindest sweetest little dog imaginable , never seems cross or sulky ,
I would imagine a cross between the two could be a very nice one
Meet the pup and ask the rescue centre for advice

adaline Thu 08-Nov-18 12:32:06

Jack Russell's are quite high need dogs. They're terriers so need a lot of exercise and get bored easily. Our neighbour has one and he barks at absolutely everything, can't be left alone or he gets destructive and needs a lot of exercise, both mental and physical, to be a calm dog.

He's very cute but a lot of work and I wouldn't trust him around children. He's already gone for my puppy who was on lead and he's quite snarly too. I've met a lot of Jack Russells who are quite nervy around people and who are prone to snapping.

Wouldn't be my first choice for a family with children.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Fri 09-Nov-18 00:40:13

There was a JRT thread on here not long ago

And a similar Bichon thread

A cross between the two will be a random mixture of the two. You could get the best of both or the worst of both - it's pot luck really.

PickAChew Fri 09-Nov-18 00:43:26

Parents have a jrt pic n mix, soft as clarts, and his worst memeses are all jrt mixes. Snappy buggers when badly socialised.

Cantdecidewhere Fri 09-Nov-18 21:06:39

Thanks so much everyone, really appreciate your help. I'm going to hold off for now and wait until after Christmas and keep researching in the meanwhile.

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