Does your dog toilet (of the solid variety) walking along?

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Yeahmum Wed 07-Nov-18 12:40:30

One of ours is a nightmares. He gets into the right shape and then drops his poo as he covers a 6-8 feet area.

Nightmare to clear up. Any ideas how to stop this? confused

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Yeahmum Wed 07-Nov-18 12:40:52


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mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Wed 07-Nov-18 12:42:27

Gosh! No, sorry. Never had that problem. How about if you stand close in front of him so he can't keep moving along? Maybe he'll get used to stopping in one place then.

marycontraryquite Wed 07-Nov-18 12:42:58

Yes! Drives me crazy and finding it on my currently very leafy lawn is nigh on impossible. He is two and a half and I haven't managed to stop it. No idea how I would start. Will watch this thread with interest.

BiteyShark Wed 07-Nov-18 12:43:45

Do you stop walking when it happens. When BiteyDog toilets we always stand still so that he isn't tempted to keep walking/running thinking he might miss something exciting.

MrsRubyMonday Wed 07-Nov-18 12:43:44

A friend of ours had a lab that would walk to the end of his lead, get into position and then proceed to spin in circles at top speed whilst pooping, using the lead as leverage to get a good spin. Hysterical to watch, less so for his owners who had to cover a large circle of ground to pick up the resulting mess. I don't think you can stop them as such, other than stepping backwards so he's held in place by the lead maybe? If he's off lead, a stand command may help, may not. He may just need the movement to get things going, you can't really control how they go!

CallMeRachel Wed 07-Nov-18 12:45:51

Yes! Mine has anal gland issues though.

Are the poos very firm? Mine struggles to pass, especially first poo of the day

No idea how to stop them walking around though, I guess it makes it more comfortable for them.


MnerXX Wed 07-Nov-18 12:47:16

Ours does this in the garden, off lead, on lead always a circle of poo! He’s 2.5.

DDogMum Wed 07-Nov-18 12:49:25

Yep, my Sprocker Spaniel does the same. He's 8.5 🙄

ileclerc Wed 07-Nov-18 12:51:52

Yes, he's always done it. Bloody annoying. He also won't pop in the garden, or on grass.

He's very particular.

Yeahmum Wed 07-Nov-18 12:52:18

How about if you stand close in front of him so he can't keep moving along?. He'd probably go on my foot. He's a bit of a comedian.grin

MrsRubyMonday that's hilarious.

Thanks all. I do probably need to teach a stand command.

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Yeahmum Wed 07-Nov-18 12:53:29

@CallMeRachel sometimes solid, sometimes not.

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Yeahmum Wed 07-Nov-18 12:54:31

flowers and empathy to all of us with spinning poo-ers!

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insertimaginativeusername Wed 07-Nov-18 12:54:46

Yep. We think she's trying to spell out a message.

adaline Wed 07-Nov-18 14:06:49

Mine sometimes poos, stops, moves a bit and carries on, but never over a massive area! It helps that we've always stopped when he shows signs of needing to go, and wait until it's been cleared up to move on. I also try and have him on a short lead if he shows signs so he doesn't wander off and do it on someone's drive or lawn!

BluthsFrozenBananas Wed 07-Nov-18 14:13:50

Mine spins. Fortunately she rarely poos anywhere other than our garden, but it’s still a pain wandering around trying to find all the bits.

She’s been a spinning pooer since she was a tiny pup, I can’t see any way of changing her habits.

missbattenburg Thu 08-Nov-18 08:16:19

Mine does this if he's off lead (in the garden, for E.g.) but will stand still if on lead.

I always think he gets bored of pooing so starts to wander off...

User9870 Thu 08-Nov-18 10:22:01

Our old dog did this all his life.he just couldn't poo in a pile it had to be dotted around. Even if we stood next to him a short lead he would move his back end in an arch to spread it around.

Our new dog doesn't like it when he does a big one and it touches his bum it makes him jump...that's quite funny to see.

MissWilmottsGhost Thu 08-Nov-18 10:25:57

Not on walks on the lead, but in the garden she will follow a sniff while pooing and leave little dollops every few steps. There's always a little bit we miss when clearing up that DH inevitably wheels his bike through later hmm

DownAndUnder Thu 08-Nov-18 17:32:42

Mine shits while walking in a circle confused I don’t think it’s something they can be taught not to do.

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