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beeefcake Mon 05-Nov-18 19:32:00

Yes I know it's 5th November etc and I sounds hugely anti social but I hate fireworks with a passion

They have been going on for over a week and we live in an area which is just endless rows of terrace houses, our gardens our the size of postage stamps so I don't know what would possess people around here to use them.

My dogs haven't stopped barking and our youngest ones toilet training has gone out the window. I have tried the TV (they just seem more sensitive to what's on the TV and keep barking at that), radio doesn't seem to work and in any case the bloody things keep setting off the neighbours dogs so if they aren't barking at the fireworks they are barking at that!

Someone set some off at 11.30 last night!!!!! Woke up with the fright of my life thinking someone had broken in!

Any suggestions??

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madzena Fri 16-Nov-18 19:32:17

a bit late on the reply for your problems... but I would urge you to sign this petition..

Please also tell your MP of the problems you have been facing.

With regard how to deal with (in preparation for the next bout of fireworks) I give melatonin to mine, 3mg. You will need to look up a dose rate based on size of your dog and take into consideration your dogs age too.

Good luck - it is horrible when they are upset.

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