Bloody bloody dog barking

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calamariqueen Sun 04-Nov-18 14:03:43

And waking the baby up during her super short & hard won daytime naps.

We've had dog (Cairn Terrier) since he was 8 weeks and he's always been yappy & loud, regardless of any other factors (number/length of walks, time of day, whether we're home with him or not etc etc). He's now 8yo & not only does his explosive barking piss us off, but the consequences are bad for the entire household. He barks when we shower, if he hears a car or van or voices, just normal background stuff. Obviously barks when people come to the door, but he doesn't get told off for that.

Is there anything I can do at this late stage to train him? He's been castrated & that helped with a lot of negative behaviours, but not barking. What can I do???!! He's wonderful with DD, gentle, affectionate & a great hoover for the food she's constantly throwing about so it's not all bad, but the barking really is doing us in sad

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