New puppy, breed?

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Booboostwo Sun 04-Nov-18 08:53:36

We have a new rescue puppy, 4mo, Osky. He was found wondering, fearful and flea ridden. No ID, no owner has come forward. He needed an emergency home, I was abroad but my lovely animal sitter collected him and kept him at my place for a week. I met him 4 days ago and he is adorable so we’re keeping him.

He is a Griffon cross, the head is Griffon but the colouring reminds me of a Husky, what do you think?

Currently he doesn’t have typical Husky traits. He has an amazing recall, e.g. yesterday at puppy class he recalled across a field with another dog loose and he’s only known me for 3 days! He is fine with the cats, hasn’t got nuts at the squirrels, etc.

I am trying to figure out if he has a Husky parentage/influence. Huskies are lovely dogs but they require a lot of commitment. Do you think he looks Griffon x Husky? Do Husky puppies have a recall and then lose it as teenagers?

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wheelwarrior Sun 04-Nov-18 08:55:43

Can not see picture?

sicktodeathh Sun 04-Nov-18 08:57:41

Another one who can't see pictures

Booboostwo Sun 04-Nov-18 08:58:32

Sorry computer keeps crashing, working on it!

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Booboostwo Sun 04-Nov-18 08:59:47

Let me try one by one

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Booboostwo Sun 04-Nov-18 09:00:57

That seems to work, here is another on.

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SoftSheen Sun 04-Nov-18 09:02:10

Well he is very cute smile


sicktodeathh Sun 04-Nov-18 09:03:20

Not a clue what he is to be honest but oh my god what a gorgeous little thing!
Both dogs are stunning.

Booboostwo Sun 04-Nov-18 09:07:48

He is extremely cure, very lovable and just easy to deal with...I am waiting for the down side to hit! He is easier than my 2yo GSD and keeps him occupied!

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CaptSkippy Sun 04-Nov-18 09:15:34

His fur seems a bit on the rough side for a husky. The colors would suggest he has some husky in him. Then again, with a mix you can never tell how he's going to turn out. Just keep training/raising him.

fivedogstofeed Sun 04-Nov-18 09:22:23

Could be wrong but I think if there's husky in the mix they will have sticky up ears - he looks like his ears are floppy?
Any chance a bearded collie x?

Absolutely gorgeous smile

Booboostwo Sun 04-Nov-18 09:46:01

He is definitely a weird mix!

The ears, face and type of coat are very much Griffon, the colouring and tail seem Husky. Maybe I can call him a Grufsky and prêtent he’s worth £££ 🤣🤣🤣

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SoftStarsShine Sun 04-Nov-18 11:27:16

He’s lovely! He definitely looks like he could have husky in him, if he does though don’t be fooled by the good recall. Ours was fine until she hit the teenage stage and then it was like we weren’t even there. She can never go off the lead now but we make up for it with miles of walks and she’s a very happy and loving dog 🐶

Booboostwo Sun 04-Nov-18 11:44:59

Oh no that is exactly what I was worried about! We live on a farm, with a lot of space but it’s not all fenced in and the fence is not husky proof!

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Snappymcsnappy Sun 04-Nov-18 12:04:57

I wouldn’t worry unless he actually starts to show traits.

Just because he has colouring like a husky doesn’t mean he actually has any husky in him, and even if he does, there is no guarantee he will inherit any of the more challenging husky traits.

And anyway, all dogs are individual.
Although the breeds all share broadly similar traits and personalities there will be exceptions.
You will get border collies that have no interest in herding, terriers that have no interest in ratting etc.

Stop worrying about what may not even be and enjoy the puppy!

Booboostwo Sun 04-Nov-18 12:41:56

I know what you mean. Our GSD is the most hysterical, yappy GSD I have ever seen!

The reason I worry is because by the time he shows Husky traits we’ll all be even more madly in love with him than we are now but I am not sure how we will adjust to the needs of a Husky.

On the other hand, he’s fitted right in and i’ve never seen such a well adjusted puppy.

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SoftStarsShine Sun 04-Nov-18 13:07:02

I didn’t want to worry out, sorry! Like Snappy said, it might never be a problem, just be aware, it definitely shouldn’t put you off smile

SoftStarsShine Sun 04-Nov-18 13:07:24


MuttsNutts Sun 04-Nov-18 13:11:29

Oh my...what a beautiful pup 😍😍😍

Nothing useful to add I’m afraid but enjoy him - I am very envious.

ThePoliticiansPraiseMyName Sun 04-Nov-18 13:14:00

To me it looks like possibly German shepherd heritage, we have a lot of shepherd crosses around here (very rural, not Uk, bred to be farm dogs as loyal and trainable).

Santaisgettingbusy Sun 04-Nov-18 13:23:08

Our Husky as a puppy

Booboostwo Sun 04-Nov-18 14:22:41

Oh my goodness what a gorgeous puppy! 😍😍😍

We are in the south of France, bizarrely there are a lot of Huskies around...many of them in rescue.

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Santaisgettingbusy Sun 04-Nov-18 15:04:18

Look at your dpuppy's feet !! Our Husky has sort of webbed toes! And eye teeth sort of slope backwards - our other ddogs don't.
Would I be too boastful to post more gorgeous pics??

Booboostwo Sun 04-Nov-18 15:28:03

That’s what I want to hear Santa! Your reward is to post as many photos as you like. I love Huskies, but I just want to be realistic as I already have my plate full (dogs, cats, horses and young children).

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Santaisgettingbusy Sun 04-Nov-18 15:41:25

Our ddog is amazing with dc, our other ddogs and the dcats. The fact your ddog has good recall would suggest either you are lucky - or he is biding his time to do a runner!! Having her around other ddogs keeps her mind /body busy imo!!
This is her with bff - our Lurcher we got a month before her (confused).
Don't be put off - hard work but well rewarded!!

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