Fireworks survival thread?

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NewYoiker Sat 03-Nov-18 16:48:48

My dog is terrified and I've just seen that there are in excess of 10 organised events within 3 miles tonight.

I've got doggy diazepam and he's going to have that about 6ish, I don't know if I should go and drive up into the hills behind our house as he loves the car, so lots of treats and chews and the diazepam in his happy place. I can listen to Harry Potter in the car.

Last year he tried to get into the tumble drier and the year before I came home from work to find him wedged behind the downstairs loo and wouldn't come out for hours so I got the duvet and laid with him in there. It seems ott but when you dragged him out from behind the toilet he just went straight back in.

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missbattenburg Sat 03-Nov-18 16:52:00

The duvet and keeping him company doesn't sound OTT - it sounds kind and sensible grin

NewYoiker Sat 03-Nov-18 16:56:22

@missbattenburg thanks! DH thinksI'm just a crazy dog lady! But he needs to be comforted!

I forgot to add. Anyone else fancy a surviving bonfire night thread?!

Classic fm are doing a dog fireworks show tonight from 7 nice calming classical music

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BiteyShark Sat 03-Nov-18 17:02:12

BiteyDog doesn't get as upset as YoikerDog but having run into closed patio doors last year when spooked by a loud bang I am not taking any chances. I plan to stay with him in the spare room and have the white noise machine to help muffle the sounds over the tv.

Hope the doggy diazepam does the trick this year NewYoiker

NewYoiker Sat 03-Nov-18 17:08:06

Aww!! That's awful @BiteyShark they really are more than dogs! I don't have kids and he is 100% my furry child! I'll do anything to get him through this. Even if that means driving to the middle of nowhere 😂

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Villanellesproudmum Sat 03-Nov-18 17:10:42

Damn didn’t know you could get soggy diazepam, ours is terrified, tried all the sprays and plugs ins and what not. Went to a pet shop/dog behaviourist today to be told tablets need to be taken from 2 days before.

Our dog is only 18 months, last year didn’t seem bothered. An idiot set one off last night and she was so scared, wide eyed, couldn’t get near her, crying, howling, in a state of panic and when I tried to calm her she bit me. She didn’t even recognise me.

We have numerous events around us tonight, have taken her out for a long walk. Favourite snacks, will have TV on loud, lights on etc but dreading it!

Villanellesproudmum Sat 03-Nov-18 17:11:01

*doggy hmm


BiteyShark Sat 03-Nov-18 17:14:15

Totally agree, BiteyDog is my furry boy grin.

Maybe you could have a car ride during the worst of it then back to the house for cuddles. It's a shame that the weather is ok as I find when it rains it definitely stops a lot of the private firework parties.

Si1ver Sat 03-Nov-18 17:18:44

The dog freaked out last night after ignoring them last year. She was panting and wide eyed, glued to my side. I've moved her crate into the living room, lit the fire dimmed the lights and popped Blue Planet 2 on as she loves David Attenborough.

Has anyone tried cross wrapping their dog to combat anxiety? I'm thinking I might try that this evening.

NewYoiker Sat 03-Nov-18 17:19:20

@Villanellesproudmum we have same here. I rang the vet last week and basically said nothing works, please help because he's miserable, and our vet was really nice and basically said I could suggest you try something natural but they're natural.. so prescribed him Xanax, just the stuff you can get for people!

It's so far made a Huge difference. We did a trial run last week with a cd of fireworks sounds which also makes him upset and he slept through it. It affects their short term memory too so if they do get upset they won't remember why they were upset.

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NewYoiker Sat 03-Nov-18 17:21:10

@Si1ver we tried the thunder shirt and it was great! However it wasn't perfect and he needs something else to help him. Made a huge difference though!! Like a big cuddle

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NewYoiker Sat 03-Nov-18 17:22:34

Also giving his tea in a kong as licking calms them down.

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Villanellesproudmum Sat 03-Nov-18 17:36:31

Thank you NY I’ll ensure I ask the vet before New Year.

She is currently swaddled in my blanket on the sofa trying to calm her. Someone is letting one off every 10 minutes is so, prolonging the agony!

CandyMelts Sat 03-Nov-18 17:38:56

Oh poor thing!

We've had rescue dog a month so we've no idea how he'll react, so far he's ignored the YouTube dog firework desensitisation and those let off early so fingers crossed.
Got a lickymat in the freezer and a buffalo ear ready to distract him but we have to go out for a bit so hoping he's ok

stumpyteapot Sat 03-Nov-18 17:42:42

Waiting to tune in to Classic FM.

They could have started it at 5pm and gone on all evening, and tomorrow and Monday!

LyTinWheedle Sat 03-Nov-18 17:44:32

I've got my two swaddled in a heavy blanket with a duvet on top and just lots of reassuring strokes and pats. Won't be leaving the house after dark for the next 4 days minimum as the days after the 5th are worse when the fireworks go half price and local youths go and have their 'fun' with them round the village.

There aren't enough swears for how stupid I think this whole celebration is. They tried to eat through the plaster in my kitchen last year to escape when an 'unofficial display' happened in woodland behind my house on the 7th. They could have been so badly hurt.

CMOTDibbler Sat 03-Nov-18 17:47:03

DDog2 hates them, and usually ends up drooling, panting and shaking in our bed in the dark. Last year we had an adaptil diffuser for a very nervous foster and he seemed a bit better with some fireworks that went off when she was with us, so we are trying an adaptil collar for him - he's had it on 2 weeks already and it'll last another two weeks. Last night there were some let off and he was loads better, so fingers crossed.

Si1ver Sat 03-Nov-18 17:51:23

I've struggled to find a thunder shirt that'll fit her, she's a weird shape @NewYoiker. I think I'd have looked harder if she'd been as nervous last year.

I've got an adaptor plug in and she's been given a new teddy to -tear to shreds- love for the evening.

NewYoiker Sat 03-Nov-18 18:11:29

This is how he's spending his night wrapped himself up in my blanket

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DownAndUnder Sat 03-Nov-18 18:46:43

Mine has a cosy spot she can hide in. We’ll be spending 5th November indoors with the telly on very loudly and a lot of treats to keep her mind off it. My mum has a plug in that works for her dog.

I wouldn’t mind if it was just bonfire night, it’s the weeks of fireworks before and after. My girl has perfect recall but ran away after someone was setting them off in our local park at 1 in the afternoon! so can only be walked on lead during the day for the next few weeks. The sooner they are banned except for licensed displays the better.

SavoyCabbage Sat 03-Nov-18 18:52:30

There is a music for pets program on classic FM at seven. Relaxing music for fireworks time.

CMOTDibbler Sat 03-Nov-18 18:54:26

It seems like we have a total result on the Adaptil collar - the town fireworks display has been let off, and though ddog2 was panting during it, he stayed on the sofa and has gone back to sleep now. Previously he has been inconsolable for hours

BiteyShark Sat 03-Nov-18 19:00:27

BiteyDog keeps growling at them but then gets distracted by DH feeding him treats.

Si1ver Sat 03-Nov-18 19:08:28

Silver dog, the most food motivated hound on the planet is ignoring peanut butter her all time favourite treat.

NewYoiker Sat 03-Nov-18 19:20:26

@CMOTDibbler that's brilliant!
@BiteyShark glad treats are working!
@Si1ver that's not good sad our dog is currently asleep so that's good!

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