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almondsareforevermore Fri 02-Nov-18 20:19:35

Why do they have to BANG?
Old dog never turned a hair but it’s pup’s first firework season and he’s barking madly at the distant bangs.
Will the neighbours object more to loud barking or the loud radio I’m trying to drown the bangs with?
He’s not scared, just very excitable and vocal.

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wheelwarrior Fri 02-Nov-18 21:10:54

Think most people be understanding that fireworks will upset animals x

DownAndUnder Fri 02-Nov-18 23:57:01

I don’t understand why people can’t just enjoy them on 5th November. I first heard some last week at 1pm in the afternoon!

CrispsForBreakfast Sat 03-Nov-18 01:38:26

My poor 3 year old dog is petrified and shaking😭 and the 6 month old couldn't care less.

Ylvamoon Sat 03-Nov-18 06:01:22

Have you tried desensitization? YouTube has some great firework videos especially for dogs....

smurfy2015 Sat 03-Nov-18 06:12:23

My cat doesnt like fireworks, so when I hear the first bang I give her 2 calmeeze tablets and she goes off to sleep for a while, also suitable for dogs and are beef flavour so palatable

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