Older dogs and being prepared

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Teddy1905 Thu 01-Nov-18 01:18:41

It's an understandable feeling, but it's also one of the hardest experiences. I lost my dog almost 2 years ago, after 12 years of her being like furniture in the house, and a constant presence in my DS childhood. She was my best friend, always around me, when everyone else in the house was getting on with their whatever. But it sounds like a cliche, but you'll know when it's time, they look at you and you just know. I chose to have the vet come to us. It was nothing like I expected, no drama, very peaceful. But it broke my heart all the same. I have two more dogs, but hardly a day passes without someone mentioning our old girl. 🐾❤️

RedHelenB Thu 01-Nov-18 00:45:50

My first pet, a very old cat was put to sleep at the vets in my arms and it was very peaceful.

ProfessorMoody Wed 31-Oct-18 23:23:09

With the dogs I've lost, the decision has pretty much been made for me by a vet, due to mainly very old age.

The most comforting thing you can do is be with them until the end, I think. It would break my heart to think of a dog looking for their person and worrying in their last moments. At home is good if possible, as lots of dogs dislike the vet.

I've had mine cremated and we scatter on favourite walks. I've saved ashes and had them made into glass paperweights, which are a beautiful keepsake.

It's terribly sad but in a way I think it's good to be prepared as it's unfortunately inevitable. It's so unfair that something as wonderful as a dog lives such a short life.

OrcinusOrca Wed 31-Oct-18 21:41:51

This feels horribly morbid but I don't have many friends with dogs to talk this through with.

My eldest is 10 now and I dread the day I lose him. He is my best friend and has seen me through so much. He really is my everything. I am anxious about losing him and not having memories and all sorts of silly things. I think it might help if I at least feel like I know what to do if he suddenly becomes unwell.

For those of you who made the decision to let them go at a certain time, did you do this at home or at the vets, and was there anything you found comforting for you/them or that you think should be done? Did you take a few wisps of fur from them or anything? I can't decide if I would be more obsessive if I had something of his or not. He is so in tune with me if I'm upset he's right there, and I worry about him being stressed when I am inevitably incredibly upset too.

Sorry for the morbid tone, I would probably avoid this thread to prevent myself having to think about it but am hoping some of you might have words of wisdom.

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