Insurance for Cruciate Ligament Rupture

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LoobyLou2709 Wed 31-Oct-18 10:52:16

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help or advise, my lovely 8yr old kelpie x whippet managed to damage her cruciate ligament yesterday chasing a ball, she's in having x-rays today to confirm, sadly (and typically) the leg she has done the damage on isn't covered by our insurance company as she had previous unrelated problems years ago, luckily we are in a position to be able to pay for the Surgery this time, but I'm thinking ahead and worried if the other one goes! Are there any insurance companies that will cover both legs? I think most say it's 'one condition' so if one goes then the other won't be covered either., just thinking ahead really and want to put in place something if I can!

Also vet said best to wait 4 weeks after the X-ray to re-assess before making decision on surgery? Is this the norm? She's a slight 21KG bitch who is my world and I want to do the best for her, at the moment she can't put any weight on it standing, thank you and sorry for the long post! Xx

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LEMtheoriginal Wed 31-Oct-18 10:55:56

I agree with your vet that it is a good idea to wait as some dogs (especially lighter ones) compensate and can manage without surgery.

As far as insurance i should say its highly unlikely.

BiteyShark Wed 31-Oct-18 11:00:52

I commented about this on another thread. There is a special preexisting conditions policy with boughtbymany. The amount they cover is very very low in the first couple of years if you have to claim for that precondition but if you don't it looks like after the 3rd year it isn't too bad.

However, you would have to look into all the T&Cs of that policy as I haven't looked beyond that as well as considering how likely the other leg wouldn't go in that time and the age of your dog.

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Wed 31-Oct-18 13:34:56

My churchill policy covers for both legs on cruciate injury as does Pet plan and animal friends . You just need to read the small print.

If your dog has not had cruciate before your insurance should cover as it is not a pre existing condition. You should be able to claim for many different leg injuries on the same leg.Be prepared to push this further.

I would be asking for a specialist referral asap and not wasting time as at 21kg you dog would be considered a large dog and I would not expect it to heal on its own. It does depend though on what the x rays show

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