Dog is throwing up his dinner, any suggestions?

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steppemum Tue 30-Oct-18 19:51:32

Steppedog is 4, a rescue dog, been with us for about a year, and he is an absolute dustbin, stomach of iron.
He scoffs anything he can find on a walk, from fox poo to dried bread crusts put out for the birds, and his stomach just takes it all.
Last week he stole a whole loaf I had put out to defrost, and had left too close to the edge of the worksurface.

Anyway, he is never sick. Got new flea treatment for him last week, a tablet instead of the drip on the back of the neck. Vet said it might make his sick, but gave me the impression that he would be sick soonish after taking it.

He had it on Thursday and then on Saturday night 10 minutes after eating he threw up all of his dinner.
Tonight again, 10 minutes after eating he threw up all of his dinner.

He has half dried and half tin of wet. He eats once a day, and this has always worked well.

Do you think it could be the tablet? If not, any suggestions? He found some rubbish in the hedge today on his walk, but on Saturday he had eaten nothing odd.

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BiteyShark Tue 30-Oct-18 19:57:44

I would be worried about an obstruction. No one had seen BiteyDog eat the rag that ended up stuck in his intestines and it was only because he kept vomiting his dinner up that we went to the vets.

As for worming tablets if they make BiteyDog vomit it tends to be about a few hours after taking it.

steppemum Tue 30-Oct-18 20:00:56

Oh no Bitey sad
I hope not. On saturday we gave him half a dinner later in the evening, and he was fine sunday and monday.

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BiteyShark Tue 30-Oct-18 20:03:39

If he is keeping some food down that's a good thing but equally my vet said the rag BiteyDog ate could have been rattling around in his stomach for a bit before it moved and blocked the intestine.

If you gently squeeze his stomach does he seem in pain?

BiteyShark Tue 30-Oct-18 20:05:29

I guess I am just paranoid about obstructions given that I would never have thought BiteyDog would have eaten something like that.

Hopefully yours is just an upset stomach.

steppemum Tue 30-Oct-18 22:13:08

No pain, other than throwing up he is his normal self.

I was hoping it was the flea tablet, but I would have expected that to be on the first day, not now.

Cat has been fussing for food all evening, and I know he had a full plate, so I have just been to have a look, and he has an empty bowl, and he has thrown up all over the utility room floor.

In his case though it was half cat food and half mouse, so I'm not too worried grin

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steppemum Tue 30-Oct-18 22:25:44

trouble is, he could easily have eaten anything really

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BiteyShark Wed 31-Oct-18 07:16:07

If it continues I would do a vet check just to be sure, especially as steppedog isn't a 'vomity' dog normally. FYI it was the vet that felt the mass inside BiteyDogs stomach which prompted the whole X-ray and op.

adaline Wed 31-Oct-18 07:43:27

I would take him to the vets - vomiting after meals is a sign of an obstruction and that's really not something you want to mess about with.

Spamfrittersforeveryone Wed 31-Oct-18 07:45:19

I have a suggestion, yes.

Take your dog to the vet.

Veterinari Wed 31-Oct-18 07:47:24

Is he still producing faeces. If not then Vet ASAP.

steppemum Wed 31-Oct-18 22:24:01

OK, so no I haven't taken him to the vet yet.
he had breakfast (because he threw up his dinner, we gave him some breakfast) and dinner fine, is fine in himself, no pain/discomfort that we can see and faeces all normal.

I will obviously keep an eye on him, and if he does it again take him in, but he seems fine now.

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NewYoiker Wed 31-Oct-18 23:02:57

Our dog is sick when he's hungry 

anniehm Wed 31-Oct-18 23:35:20

My dog does this sometimes for no apparent reason, and/or gets the runs and it's usually down to the crap he eats - scoffing whatever he finds on the streets (despite not touching his proper dog food) or the "little treats" his dear daddy feeds him - an apple donut and a fondant fancy tonight! I've only gone to the vet after symptoms persisted for a few days and they just had me monitor for a further week (by which time he decided to actually eat dog food again and stomach settled).

Monitor until Friday at least, it's seems like it's on and off

steppemum Thu 01-Nov-18 07:17:33

NewYoiker grin

I actually have an appointment with vet tomorrow about his ears, so I'll ask about it then.
Hmm, his ears are quite bad at the moment, I wonder if that might make him sick? (he gets yeast and gunky ears every few months)

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steppemum Fri 02-Nov-18 11:09:39

so, asked the vet and her conclusion was he scoffs his dinner too fast! Very true, and as he is in every other way fine, she wasn't worried.

I going to look into one of those mats which makes them hunt for their dinner more.

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BiteyShark Fri 02-Nov-18 11:11:10

You can get bowls with shapes inside them which slows their eating down. Never tried them myself as we have the opposite issue of getting mine to eat.

Glad it isn't serious.

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