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Terrier vs furry boots (contains gratuitous dog photo)

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PumpkinSpiceAmericanoNoSugar Sun 28-Oct-18 14:27:16

I have a Glen of Imaal Terrier, Glens are generally pretty chilled for terriers but they obviously still have occasional terrier urges. I bought myself some frivolous furry boots ( these, this isn't Style and Beauty so you can keep your opinions to yourselves grin ) and my DDog is convinced that they are some type of rodent and wants to savage them, fortunately not while they are on my feet.

Should I put them away when I'm not wearing them or leave them out and keep saying 'no' until he accepts them as a rodent-y family member and leaves them alone?

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Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Sun 28-Oct-18 14:35:32

grin I would just put them away when not wearing them . What happens when you wear them and he is about?

Your dog is fab - he is just protecting you from rodent boots smile

PumpkinSpiceAmericanoNoSugar Sun 28-Oct-18 15:01:20

It's fine when I wear them, they are clearly footwear when they are on my feet so he ignores them. They only become suspicious and rodent-y when lying around on the floor, near the shoe cupboard but not actually in the shoe cupboard, like every pair of shoes in our family.

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BiteyShark Sun 28-Oct-18 15:03:16

Unless you want them to meet their demise I would put them away when not wearing them as you won't be able to keep an eye on them all the time.

SD1978 Sun 28-Oct-18 15:03:58

They look like they have eyeballs. Your shoes are dicing up your dog, and vice versa. The dog is protecting its territory for the rat shoes. Hide them. They will never be friends. 😂

SD1978 Sun 28-Oct-18 15:04:31

Eyeing up even. Not dicing

Greyhound22 Sun 28-Oct-18 15:12:21

He's adorable.

My greyhound would have those bad boys even if they were on your feet. I would just put them away somewhere carefully.

Novelty slippers are a no go zone in our house.

PumpkinSpiceAmericanoNoSugar Sun 28-Oct-18 15:17:32

My Mum once had a pair of monster feet novelty slippers, furry with claws. She had a Shi-Tzu at the time who was insanely jealous of the slippers and attacked them with ferocity every time she wore them. grin Fortunately he was little so she just walked around with a snarling fur ball attached to her furry slippers until they were so shredded that she threw them away. She got almost a whole winter out of them though.

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fleshmarketclose Sun 28-Oct-18 18:39:23

Love the dog pic, had never heard of that breed before. I think you need to hide the boots though as he will probably destroy them.

doodleygirl Mon 29-Oct-18 18:29:03

Your dog is gorgeous

yousimplyhavetobethesedays Mon 29-Oct-18 18:39:20

I had to look twice at those boots. I thought they had eyes, I'm not surprised he is perturbed!

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Mon 29-Oct-18 18:55:53

I thought the same @yousimply!

PumpkinSpiceAmericanoNoSugar Mon 29-Oct-18 19:03:42

I hadn't noticed the eye thing, but they are very mouse-like aren't they? I have the taupe shoes, not the black which comes up in the link. I think the taupe are even more rodent like, very mouse coloured.

Thanks for the doggy compliments, he is a darling and very tolerant with the DC.

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