New dog :-)

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DivaDroid Fri 26-Oct-18 14:40:33

First post in here - on Wednesday we brought our lovely greyhound home from his rescue foster. Bobby is 6 & an ex-racer.
He's so calm, although displaying signs of anxiety (which are lessening gradually).
Me, DH, DS(10) & DD(7) are in love 😍

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Kate123cl Fri 26-Oct-18 14:50:15

Aww he's lovely! Looks very friendly x

TropicPlunder Fri 26-Oct-18 15:49:38

I love that you tucked him in to bed! Good luck with the settling in

Aprilislonggone Fri 26-Oct-18 15:53:52

Here are my Scrats!!
Congratulations on your new addition op!!

fleshmarketclose Fri 26-Oct-18 16:08:47

Aww he looks lovely, a great addition to the family.

pigsDOfly Fri 26-Oct-18 18:57:07

How lovely. He looks pretty relaxed tucked up in his bed. Beautiful dog.

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