Dog disturbed by neighbours and vice-versa

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Cambam2010 Wed 24-Oct-18 17:58:57

I have a 6 month old labradoodle puppy. I got him from a breeder at 8 weeks. For 3 months he retuned to the breeder for daycare whilst I was at work (out of the house 8:30-5). This was part of the agreement of getting him. However circumstances have changed and this arrangement is no longer doable.

4 weeks ago I arranged for a walker to come in. She takes him out for 4 hours (10:30-2:30) every week day. For the first week I thought that all was working out well but on the Friday my neighbour came round to tell me that the puppy has barked and whined constantly everyday. So for the second week I paid the dog walker to have the puppy in her house from 8-5 (I can't afford this full time). For the third week we were on holiday so puppy was in a kennel placement. This is week 4 and Monday and Tuesday have been fine. We reverted back to the dog walker taking him out for 4 hours everyday. I set up a camera so that I could watch what puppy was up to. Basically he just slept, adjusted his position and then slept some more. Today however my neighbour finished work early and the change was noticeable. From the time she arrived home puppy was distressed. Barking, whining, scratching the adjoining wall, completely restless. He can hear her through the wall.

These are things I have tried:
Radio on
TV on
Long lasting chews
Snuffle mat
Assorted toys
My old dressing gown as comfort

Can anyone suggest anything else that may work? (Please do not suggest rehoming as pup is a very much loved part of our lives and it would break DS heart)

I suffer from anxiety and am struggling to cope with the fact that 1)the pup is distressed and 2) I am upsetting my neighbour.

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RTFT Wed 24-Oct-18 18:28:53

4 hours exercise is too much for such a young puppy, he could get joint issues as his bones are still growing

StrongTea Wed 24-Oct-18 18:34:48

Plug in adaptil thingy, could try that. Is your neigbour generally noisy? Is there another room he could be in so not adjoining? You sound like you are doing lots to sort it out.

BiteyShark Wed 24-Oct-18 20:02:58

I find white noise machines much better for dulling external noises as radios have quietish periods. Is there another room puppy could stay in away from the adjoining wall?

Villanellesproudmum Wed 24-Oct-18 20:14:21

Our vet advised 5 minutes per month age twice a day. So at four months 2 x 20 minutes walk a day.

Are you sure your neighbour isn’t winding your dog up if it’s settled until they return?

Could try a thunder shirt or/and the plug in calming oil

whateveryousay Wed 24-Oct-18 21:46:45

Is he crate trained? Maybe the walker could put him in a crate until you are home? Away from the adjoining wall. That would be 2.5hrs in crate, which I wouldn’t think excessive if he’s been out for 4hrs previously?

Booboostwo Wed 24-Oct-18 21:52:29

As above four hours is excessive exercise for a puppy.

As for the noise you know what cause she the problem. The puppy does not want to be left alone which is normal puppy (and often adult dog) behavior. No dog day care near you? No chance of rearranging things with the breeder? Anyone on Borrow my dog who might be able to help?

But keep in mind that you may be looking at years of arranging dog sitting every day you work away from home.

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