What Is Your "Everyday" (main) Walk?

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perezso Tue 23-Oct-18 12:03:39

My 2-year-old German Shepherd needs a 45-1hr main walk. On most days this either at the local woods or some fields. He will get a game of fetch whilst there. He will happily sleep the day way after this and won't get up to mischief.

I'm just curious because I see a few of my neighbours just doing a (long) lap around the neighbourhood. I assume these dogs are older and are tired out in other ways.

My dog does get a long game of football or fetch in the garden also plus a walk at night for his last pee of the day. He;d be pestering me if it was any less.

I'm not criticising/gloating at all- just curious.

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florafawna Tue 23-Oct-18 12:47:01

Terrier - one hour - country.

LittleBookofCalm Tue 23-Oct-18 12:48:26

one hour across the fields in the morning, few mornings a week.
otherwise game of football in the afternoon, or sometimes as well.

Floralnomad Tue 23-Oct-18 13:29:33

I believe that dogs adapt to what they get . We have a patterdale x who generally gets 60 minutes off lead on a local heath in the morning and then another 20-30 minute lead walk with maybe a bit more off lead in the afternoon . Last year I was very ill and my dh had to take over the walking and he was getting a couple of 15 minutes on a lead ( nobody but me let’s him off lead) per day and he was equally fine with that after about the first week .

Allstarspookster Tue 23-Oct-18 13:32:19

Terriers, at least an hour off lead in morning. All day access to the big garden where they play a lot. 30-45 mins off lead afternoon. All in forest/ fields. They get trained at a class once a week too. They sleep well in the evenings grin

BiteyShark Tue 23-Oct-18 13:34:03

Mine gets different things on different days.

At daycare he will get two one hour off lead walks running about in the forest with his pals.

On other days we might just play ball in the garden to give him a rest day. Sometimes we may go to agility as well.

Some days it ball in the garden then 40 mins on lead pavement walking.

Other days it's ball play in the garden then a walk in the forest where he will trip me up until I throw a ball (difference being he can run full speed unlike in our garden)

adaline Tue 23-Oct-18 13:59:00

I have a beagle and he gets different walks depending on the day.

At daycare he gets two walks a day, both of around an hour. Sometimes off-lead, sometimes on-lead - it depends on the weather, what other dogs are there that day and what mood our carer is in. He always comes home exhausted. That's three days a week.

At the weekend he gets two long off-lead walks on the beach and two shorter evening walks - either across the fields or around town. He's still learning to walk nicely on-lead so some of his walks are on-lead for training.

On the other two weekdays when I'm with him, it varies massively. Today he had a 90 minute walk - we went across the fields, across town, down along the river and old railway, and back home. His second walk will be shorter - just across town to the garage so I can go and get my car!

But other days he's out with me all day on errands or while I visit my mum. Last week we walked him in the woods, he came out for breakfast, had a trip around town going into all the shops and practising his indoor behaviour, and a car trip home again.

He gets a lot of mental stimulation too - frozen kongs/stuffed treats, scent games and tug/fetch in the house too. Much more important than long walks in my opinion!


adaline Tue 23-Oct-18 13:59:53

And he goes to training class once a week too!

MaMisled Tue 23-Oct-18 14:09:27

My two terrier crosses get an hour off lead across fields and woods every morning and an hour on or off lead every afternoon. The 2 on lead walks per week involve me being extremely patient while they sniff, pee, examine etc! Every Sunday involves a walk of between 3 and 6 hours and a picnic, whatever the weather.

JurassicGirl Tue 23-Oct-18 14:09:48

My almost 11 year old labs get a daily 'round the block' walk 15-20 mins.

Two or three times a week they run (off lead) on the beach or at the woods.

They used to run off lead everyday but as they've got older they get a bit stiff if they don't have a day off in between runs.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Tue 23-Oct-18 20:38:23

2 hours or so across city park, almost entirely off lead. Often longer at weekends and in the summer when there's more daylight available.

He's a 2yo terrier x. Thankfully he now seems to have reached a point where I can give him a 1.5 hour walk and everyone will survive, but it wasn't always that way.

fleshmarketclose Wed 24-Oct-18 08:32:52

We are quite lucky that we live next to trails and woods so every day we go out on the trails doing different routes (generally Bella chooses the way) It takes us about an hour to do 6km. For the other walk we generally walk to the playing field at the other side of the village as Bella gets to practise walking by the road which is a work in progress.

dudsville Wed 24-Oct-18 08:53:51

You never know what the health needs of other dogs around you. Also, whenever I first get a new dog I do individual walks around the neighbourhood to test out how they are.

Ours are a mix of breeds and ages but we do one or two walks a way for an hour each time with some off lead time. The older one stays with me and doesn't run about so much but loves the sniffnig time!

dudsville Wed 24-Oct-18 08:54:08

Our youngest is 5 yrs.

foofooyeah Wed 24-Oct-18 22:53:58

Ours varies. Usually 30 minutes in woods in the morning, then around an hour woods and playing fields in the evening. In the winter I use a dog walker more who takes him out around lunchtime.
Sundays are always a group walk which he loves, he is a very sociable dog. A beagle X

1frenchfoodie Thu 25-Oct-18 03:37:13

3 year old
Lab x cocker, 30 minute morning walk including 10 minutes or so of fetch then 30-90 minutes in the evening or longer c. 4h walk in the day at the weekend or if one of us is off. Plus 30 minutes or so of fetch on weekend days.

Dogs do to some extent adapt to what they are given though as a friend found out to her cost when her long term dog sitter (in between international moves) ran for a couple of hours a day with her dog for a few months.

theboxofdelights Thu 25-Oct-18 05:08:17

14 year old lab gets two 30 mins off lead walks a day. We only have to cross one quiet road outside the house to be in off lead territory.

We do longer walks, about three miles, every other day.

We are lucky that she is extremely fit and well for her age but try to stay on soft ground so that she doesn’t get stiff.

agedknees Thu 25-Oct-18 16:23:09

Terrier cross gets 1 hour off lead by the canal in the morning and 1 hour off lead/playing fetch in the afternoon.

Sleeps well at night.

missbattenburg Thu 25-Oct-18 16:31:29

16 month old springer gets:

- On days I am in the office: used to be about 45mins over the fields first thing but is now about 30mins round the streets in the dark + an hour running over fields/woods with dog walker later in the day + sometimes an extra 30 mins around the street/nearby lanes early evening.

- On days I am working from home: about an hour across the fields first thing + then about an hour over the woods about lunchtime.

- On days I am not working: about an hour across the fields first thing + then something else later on. What that something else is depends on what I am doing that day. It might not be a dedicated walk, might be a group walk or it might be agility lesson, or accompanying me to the garden centre or into town, or to visit friends or go to an event etc.

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