Suprelorin implant

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YuhBasic Mon 22-Oct-18 09:39:14

Has anyone tried this?

My terrier is 18 months old now and he’s amazing. Fabulous to train and his recall is fantastic. He’s ball/toy mad and loves playing with me above anything else including other dogs. If anything I have a job getting rid of him on walks to go and sniff/mooch/just be a dog.

Except when a bitch is around. Particularly one around the time of her season. He absolutely loses his mind. Staring red-rimmed eyes, crying, panting, unable to think. It’s clearly actually distressing for him.

I’m very reluctant to have him castrated until I’ve tried alternatives - behaviour can deteriorate after castration and although he’s a confident little chap I don’t want to risk it.

Any experiences? Anyone?

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