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Puppy scared of fireworks.

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RPC28 Sun 21-Oct-18 19:16:33


So people have started to set fireworks off already 😱. Don't get me wrong I love fireworks myself. But my 10 month old puppy is terrified of them. Anyway me my partner and daughter wanted to go out and see some fireworks on the 3rd September. But my Pup is so scared of them she whines for me and searches for me to cuddle her when there is fireworks going off. Does anyone have any suggestions on what we should do. We are now contemplating not going out at all. But my 5yo daughter is really looking forward to us all going.

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Bananarama12 Sun 21-Oct-18 19:19:44

Your partner will have to with them by himself? You can't leave her alone. I'm in the same boat.

Wolfiefan Sun 21-Oct-18 19:21:36

Don’t all go. Someone has to stay with pup.
Radio or TV on. Curtains closed. Good walk before it gets dark.

RPC28 Sun 21-Oct-18 19:21:37

Yeah I think that is going to have to be it really. Sad because my DD has been telling everyone and getting really excited to be with me and my partner and be on his shoulders etc to see the fireworks. But that'll have to be it. 😔 only problem is my pup was looking for me and didn't want to sit with him when they went off. I was only in the bath but she melts coming in wanting me

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peope Sun 21-Oct-18 19:32:29

It's a shame missing out but having a dog comes with it's fair share of sacrifices. My poor boy curls up on a ball on the sofa (which he normally hates sitting on).

BiteyShark Sun 21-Oct-18 19:33:54

We stay in with our dog and put the tv on during the evening, then a white noise machine when we go to sleep to help muffle the sounds.

I am expecting two weekends this year of bang bang bang sad

BiteyShark Sun 21-Oct-18 19:34:59

Can't your partner take your DD and you stay with the puppy?

Nuggetsandwich Sun 21-Oct-18 19:44:18

Try not to make a fuss of her or comfort her (other than by being there) when she's nervous as it will feed her anxiety. You can try the plug ins and collars. We used a collar when we had a new baby in the house and it really helped. Expensive though.

Nuggetsandwich Sun 21-Oct-18 19:47:13

Also, my friend's dog has a sedative each night for bonfire night/week so that she sleeps all night. Not ideal but preferable to a stressed dog maybe. And turn the radio up! Good luck.

Fstar Sun 21-Oct-18 19:50:29

Could you start using a thunder shirt now and perhaps something from the veg to relax the poor baby?

Fstar Sun 21-Oct-18 19:50:57

The vet, dont think veg reduces anxiety lol

Wolfiefan Sun 21-Oct-18 19:54:14

I don’t know. My dog loves a carrot to chew. Especially frozen. I think it would reduce stress. grin
We have used adaptil.

Anasnake Sun 21-Oct-18 19:55:54

Mine is so bad the vet prescribed diazepam which knocks him out.

RPC28 Sun 21-Oct-18 21:11:45

I'll have a chat with the vet tomorrow got to pop down anyway. Thank you.
What is a thunder shirt 😳 and veg haha give a carrot to my boy pup he eats it with in 10 seconds 🙄. My girl takes about 10 minutes. Thank you everyone though

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dudsville Sun 21-Oct-18 21:15:31

Yup. Once you get dogs your evenings of fireworks come to an end. Close the windows and curtains. Put the tv radio or white noise machine on. Make sure she had some good "caves" to lodge in. Get her to wee/poo before the fireworks start. Be present and available for cuddles and reassurance. Take her out for a wee/poo after and have some water to help shift the stress.

tenbob Sun 21-Oct-18 21:18:50

You can't go but you can start desensitising training

Firstly, buy a CD of firework noises or find something on YouTube

Then when your dog is happy - eating, playing with a favourite toy, having cuddles etc, play the CD at a low volume

Do this every day and once a week, turn the volume up a bit

In 6 or so weeks, you should be able to get the dog used to firework noises so they aren't worried when they hear the real thing

tabulahrasa Sun 21-Oct-18 23:36:35

In all honesty, you’re very unlikely to ever be able to leave her alone on the 5th or the weekend closest to it ever.

My dog is completely unbothered by the fireworks going off just now they’re not particularly close or frequent, he’s fine with the odd half hour a street or so away. I can walk him and everything, he quite likes to watch them in fact (yep he’s odd, lol)

So he’s really not terrified of them ( I have owned dogs that are and that is not fun) and I can walk him through woodland with hunting going on fairly nearby for instance and he’s fine.

That’s just all for a bit of context btw, because from the 2nd to the 5th he’ll need someone in to reassure him, there’s too many, they’re way too close and he gets a bit stressed. They’re relentless then.

RPC28 Mon 22-Oct-18 07:13:36

Yeah my boy doesn't care about them at all. He happily toddles around in his own little bubble. Whether they are close or not. But Runa my girl, she is petrified of them. Think it'll be best to stay in instead

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SlothMama Mon 22-Oct-18 11:40:46

I wouldn't leave my dog alone if they were afraid, in my experience this can lead to them hurting themselves. Growing up we had a dog who hated fireworks and whilst we were out someone had obviously set some off (In February!!) she ripped her nails off clawing at the walls and doors trying to get out.

RPC28 Mon 22-Oct-18 18:02:49

Awwww poor thing! No we have decided to stay home and my daughters dad is taking her instead because he was going to the Rec anyway smile

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Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Mon 22-Oct-18 19:34:52

Nuggetsandwich You cannot reinforce fear so it is totally fine to cuddle and comfort her

Go carefully with the sedatives, some knock the dogs out but they can hear and feel the fear but are not able to react - this in the long run makes them much worse. Ask the vet for the name of the sedative and do your research before administering it

RPC28 Tue 23-Oct-18 10:56:44

Thank you. And also I can't no cuddle her. She comes and sits on my lap and wants cuddles and snuggles her hair under my arm. So she will get lots of cuddles. As she does anyways

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Applepudding2018 Sun 28-Oct-18 21:26:52

Yes I noticed fireworks a couple of days ago here - or rather my dog did. This will be his 3rd firework night but whilst he seemed fairly chilled the last two years, only becoming upset on bonfire night itself when the fireworks were constant, this year he's been very upset at the odd bangs we've heard so far.

I've dug his thundershirt out of the cupboard, which has helped and am making sure we've got TV or music on in the background, thinking of maybe getting some herbal anti anxiety drops for him.

It's going to be a long couple of weeks.

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