Finnish Lapphund; Any Experiences?

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DeltaG Sat 20-Oct-18 19:33:47

Hello All,

Just wondered if anyone had experience of this breed?

From everything we've read, they seem to be ideal for us; good with small children, easily trained, cold-hardy, active. They're not super well-known though and we haven't met anyone who's had one.

Thanks in advance.

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DeltaG Sat 20-Oct-18 21:15:51


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Absolutechaos Sat 20-Oct-18 21:59:39

We have one! Great dogs but do your research (like for all breeds). Ours is VERY independent so not super cuddly. Can't go off lead ever (but some highly trained ones can). Also likes the sound of his own voice at times - some are worse than others. Very smart but will only obey a command it I have food or if there is something in it for him, he's not a natural people pleaser. He doesn't drop much hair but needs a good brush weekly. Also doesn't have a doggy smell unless he has rolled in something. Needs a walk every day - no exceptions. But he is then happy to laze around the rest of the time. I adore him but he was hard work from 6-12 months, but I guess most dogs are!

Try to meet some at a dog show. There are lovely people on the Facebook groups. You will probably need to go on a waiting list with a breeder.

Absolutechaos Sat 20-Oct-18 22:03:57

This is him. They are beautiful looking - we get stopped out walking all the time by people asking what breed he is.

DeltaG Sun 21-Oct-18 07:18:01


Thanks a lot for your reply! He looks gorgeous - great photo of him! Have you had many/any health issues with him? Do you have any other pets and if so, is he ok with them?

We actually live in Switzerland, so thought this breed would be great in the snow. We like the sled dog breeds too, but the advice about them & small children is mixed, whereas for this breed, all advice is positive.

Thanks again for your help!

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DeltaG Sun 21-Oct-18 07:22:55

Actually I can see another dog in the background so I'm assuming you do have other pets!

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Absolutechaos Sun 21-Oct-18 10:04:47

@DeltaG he adores children and does have a very gentle nature (once the puppy nipping stage was over). We are in the UK and the cooler weather doesn't bother him but he does get too hot inside when the heating is on. We have a dog door into a secure yard but I know it's not possible for everyone. He is great with other dogs but he is lead reactive ie goes nuts when he is on lead and sees a dog, so he looks aggressive. We don't actually have other pets, that photo was from his doggy day care but he plays well with all the dogs there. As with all dogs you would have to be very careful with introductions to cats (ours is actually scared of them!) but I wouldn't have him with smaller pets like mice or hamsters etc as his chase instinct is high. They are all different though and getting to know a good breeder is important. I think I've probably emphasised his bad points too much! He's a fabulous dog and I would have another in a heartbeat. Our kids were 9 and 11 when we got him but he is good with younger ones.


Absolutechaos Sun 21-Oct-18 10:11:52

Sorry, missed your question about health issues. He went through a stage of having itchy skin/dry coat but it was fixed by swapping him to a grain free food. He did get quite sick eating something once (most likely infected fox poo ) but that wasn't breed specific. They tend to be quite food obsessed so he does unfortunately try to eat everything he finds out walking. The breed is relatively healthy but there are some genetic things that all good breeders will test for. We avoided quite a few breeds based on potential health issues. He's only 4 but so far it's all good and his litter mates are also all very healthy.

DeltaG Sun 21-Oct-18 10:15:58

Great advice, thanks!

Our children are 8 months and 2.5 so pretty young and too young to risk it with more unpredictable breeds I think (I realise every dog carries some risk, regardless of breed).

Our cat recently died  But if we were to get another, we'd aim to get a kitten along with the puppy so they grow up together.

Sorry to ask so many questions, but how does he tolerate the car? I know it's fairly individual whether they get car-sick, but I wondered if he's the kind of dog we can see hanging his tongue out of the window in the wind, or whether he has an attack of cabin fever?

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Absolutechaos Sun 21-Oct-18 10:31:58

He is ok in the car but doesn't love it. He drools a lot in the car (only time he ever does it) so I suspect he might be a bit car sick but he doesn't throw up or anything, just lies there and sulks. He has travelled for 3 hours in the car with no problems and goes in a van to daycare 3x per week. I suspect you might be better getting the kitten first so it's full size and has some confidence so it can stand it's ground before bringing in a bouncy puppy who could do accidental damage but speak to an expert! Good luck, they are delightful dogs.

Polkadotdelight Sun 21-Oct-18 10:35:12

I used to know of a breeder and her dogs were absolutely beautiful. My mum has a Japanese Spitz, he is her 3rd now and they are brilliant dogs. My 4 year old loves him!

DeltaG Sun 21-Oct-18 15:27:13


Many thanks again for your help!

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