GPS Dog Trackers

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WheelyWheelySpookilicousCotee Fri 19-Oct-18 21:14:38

Looking to get one. Anyone experience?

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BiteyShark Sat 20-Oct-18 06:16:46

I tried one and whilst it was ok it wasn't very accurate and unfortunately even though I paid for one that could use any phone network it would lose signal in the forest.

Given my dog could cover large amounts of ground in a few seconds it just wasn't 'good enough' for what I wanted.

twoheaped Sat 20-Oct-18 06:20:56

One of our local dog walkers uses a Fit Bark, puts it on one dog per walk and she has had one on her own dog for a while.
How accurate it is I don't know but the graphical output is easy to understand.

totallyliterally Sat 20-Oct-18 06:27:37

A fit bark isn't gps, it's same as a PitPat which is an activity monitor. Like a Fitbit for dogs.

I did look I to get a gps monitor but the reviews are so mixed. And depending on where you walk it can really drop out a lot making it useless.

twoheaped Sat 20-Oct-18 06:37:27

Oops, ignore me then grin
I assumed because it mapped where they went that it was GPS, she must use something in conjunction.

WheelyWheelySpookilicousCotee Sat 20-Oct-18 07:42:00

I'm finding mixed reviews too.

I've ordered one that has the most positive reviews😁 if it's rubbish, I'll be sending it back.

I've ordered a bear bell too😁 someone said it's great when you can't see them, you can hear them 😂. Not sure how she'll respond to it but I'll give it a go.

Bitey mine covers a large area in short space too....she's a zoomy. Does your pooch go out of sight? This is the bit that makes me nervous. Its more my angst😁 at if she gets lost or can't hear me.

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BiteyShark Sat 20-Oct-18 07:45:45

I wanted one for exactly the same reasons as you do. When he was a teenager he would go hunting on his own and there were many times he was out of sight. Think small brown cocker in amongst brown undergrowth and woodland. I sent mine back as it had a guarantee that if I wasn't happy within a certain time then I could get a full refund. As I wanted it for peace of mind it just didn't live up to that unfortunately.

Thank god he grew up though and never leaves my sight now as I don't think I could have lived with that level of stress forever grin

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