Post operative infection - who pays?

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Tinkobell Wed 17-Oct-18 18:48:04

My dog got neutered last week and has subsequently suffered an infection. He had an Elizabethan collar on to prevent licking the whole time and suffered diahorrea and panting....maybe suggests infection during surgery? Paid vet for the neuter.
Is it fair or reasonable that vet should charge me for their time and antibiotic drugs for something that appears to have been caused by their op in the first place? I just don't know what RCVS guideline would be on this? Any views appreciated thanks.

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DonDrapersOldFashioned Wed 17-Oct-18 18:53:22

Unless you can prove that the infection was as a result of failures to follow correct infection control procedures intraoperatively, I don’t see how you expect not to pay for the antibiotics and follow up care. When you are talked through the risks of surgery and sign the consent forms, you should told that infection is a potential outcome. I have never had an animal go through surgery and NOT had this (same as with humans).

DonDrapersOldFashioned Wed 17-Oct-18 18:54:20

*should BE told

BestBeforeYesterday Wed 17-Oct-18 18:58:26

I agree with PP, a post operative infection is an inevitable risk, it can happen even when all infection control procedures were respected during the operation. You will have been informed about this before the operation. So you won't get around paying for the follow up care.

BiteyShark Wed 17-Oct-18 18:59:12

We have had complications after surgery or investigations requiring GA and I am trying to remember exactly what we got charged for.

I have always paid for additional antibiotics and other medications. Sometimes the consultations have been included in the original cost e.g. post op checkup a few days afterwards.

Honestly I would expect to pay for additional things as it's just something that happens if it's an infection as your dog could have easily picked an infection up from sitting or sleeping on anything at home unless you wrapped him up in a sterile environment. I view it as the same as if I had an operation and came home. There is always a risk of infection from wounds when healing and isn't necessarily anything the surgeon has or hasn't done.

BiteyShark Wed 17-Oct-18 19:04:54

After neutering we had severe diarrhoea requiring medication and then a few weeks after swelling as my dog reacted to internal sutures. I would never have dreamt of not paying for additional care.

Lauren83 Wed 17-Oct-18 19:17:56

You should pay, it isn't a sign of negligence it's just one of those things


Hoppinggreen Wed 17-Oct-18 21:35:04

Exactly the same happened to us and the vet DID give us a discount
I didn’t ask for it but I think they should have - ONLY because we were at the vet on Friday and they said he was fine and healing well and then a huge internal abscess burst less than 24 hours later, involving an emergency visit to the only local OOH vet ( not ours) and a large bill from them.
When we took Ddog to our vet on the Monday for follow up treatment they were a bit sheepish a day final bill was much lower than anticipated. If he hadn’t been given the all clear by them on the Friday then I see no reason why they should have given me the discount

SlothMama Thu 18-Oct-18 09:45:01

With an post operative infection it can be hard to pin point when the infection occurred. It could be during the procedure, or whilst he was in recovery if they haven't cleaned properly between patients. But the vet could argue it was picked up whilst at home.

The diarrhea could be due to reaction to the anesthetic rather than an infection

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