How would you reassure and soothe a dog who was bitten badly last night?

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loveyouradvice Sat 20-Oct-18 21:53:57

Nessie you're so right - first walk in the park today as we had to keep him in to let the wound start healing... and yes, I was tense on the lead in the park, but very relaxed on the walk there....

And he was fine! Lots of bright sunshine and friendly dogs so I made myself relax and he had a great time.

So going to keep doing that for a while and not take him there when it's dusk, which is when it happened....and will be interesting to see what he is like around bigger dog types, as today all small and mediums so unthreatening

Lots of thanks to all for the reassurance great advice and flowers xx

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Nesssie Mon 15-Oct-18 10:54:51

I would not make too much out of it. Dogs are quite resilient and rely on their owners as to how to act. Meeting up with some calm doggy friends is a must.

It is likely that you and you husband will actually be more scared/tense when walking him now, and he will pick up and react to that. So the sooner you can get out there, walking him around other dogs, the better. When you walk past another dog, your instinct (and you may not even notice) will be to grip the lead and have it tight - he will feel this and it may make him a bit uneasy. Try to keep the lead loose, and be nice and bright 'come on then, this way, good boy' etc

Hugs to your poor man and your husband as it is an awful thing to happen.

loveyouradvice Sun 14-Oct-18 19:33:14

Great ideas everyone - thank you! Yes luckily lots of doggy mates so will start with the gentler ones and build back up... and squeaky great idea to reclaim the place it happened... feels important as its in our local park...

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Mainchanger Sun 14-Oct-18 17:58:19

I too am so sorry for what happened to you, I've been there with my little terrier. I would just say it takes time really, my dog isn't as confident as she was before but is definitely getting there as time goes on.
I hope your little one makes a speedy recovery, it's awful.

bertielab Sun 14-Oct-18 17:56:46

Does he have any doggie friends that can pop around? Has the other owner been located and dog actioned? I must admit my dogs are all working dogs and lie flat at the view of another dog -and have been attacked once or twice, so I now carry a walking stick. The owner was unable to control their dogs -mine come back when called. But I'd more think about next time -walking stick is useful!

SqueakyChicken Sun 14-Oct-18 17:51:45

You need to get him positive experiences ASAP! Round up all your friends with lovely dogs and meet up, all different sizes and shapes, and you must meet up in the same place it happened. But you’ve got to turn it positive. Don’t be afraid. The more positive experiences he has, the less impact the negative one will have.

Wolfiefan Sun 14-Oct-18 17:46:22

Oh how awful. I would absolutely avoid the place for a while. Maybe start with places where dogs won’t be off leads or that will be quiet and gradually work up to normal walks.
Be aware he may (or may not) be wary of similar dogs or similar situations.
Is he used to a crate? A covered crate can be calming if they are.


immortalmarble Sun 14-Oct-18 17:41:55

Oh my gosh love I have no useful advice at all sorry but the poor little dog sad How awful for you all.

flowers hope he recovers quickly.

loveyouradvice Sun 14-Oct-18 17:39:18

Our wee dachshund was pounced on by a much larger dog in the dark last night - the first my husband knew of it was seeing him in the dog's jaws, being shaken wildly 5o cm up in the air.

He has one deep gash by his hind lag, but luckily his stomach wasn't penetrated. He's had stitches and just came home this morning.

He's always been a fearless wee soul and we're keen he recover his confidence. So far, he's been a bit clingy this morning but otherwise tail-waggy and glad to be home. Beyond lots of cuddles, we've played calming music while we were cooking lunch and I've ordered an Adaptil diffuser and spray on the Internet.

What else would you recommend? Or expect? I'm thinking we should probably avoid the place it happened for a week or so ... but maybe Im overthinking it.

So love to know what you would do - or have done - to help your dog recover fast from what I imagine was pretty traumatic.

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