Car travel with Labrador

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winefortea Wed 10-Oct-18 21:58:06

Hi, hoping someone can help with a logistical question please!

Is it possible to fit a child in a booster seat, an adult and a small adult Labrador in the back of a saloon car like, for example, a VW Passat or a vauxhall Vectra? Assuming the dog had an appropriate harness? Child is small, adult is medium sized. Would it work? Trip would be about 30 mins at most.

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Wed 10-Oct-18 22:53:16

Assuming both dog and child love the labrador, and are flexible on the concept of personal space, then yes - but the adult is probably going to end up on the middle seat!

winefortea Sat 13-Oct-18 06:48:03

Thanks Avocado - we have found an alternative way of doing it, but good to know as I think we will have to go it at some point!

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