Speedy advice needed - crate size for 2 dogs?

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FrozenSprats Thu 11-Oct-18 13:00:24

Thanks - photo to follow I promise smile

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TheFaerieQueene Thu 11-Oct-18 09:38:08

Oh. That is such a kind thing to do.

- you know the score though, photo or it didn’t happen!

FrozenSprats Thu 11-Oct-18 09:36:10

Thanks all - have gone with @tabulahrasa suggestion and bought a 42" crate as my existing dog is in a 24" and unlikely to outgrow (6 months old at the mo). Not sure what I'm letting myself in for but wish me luck!!!!

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tabulahrasa Thu 11-Oct-18 01:57:13

I assumed from the way it’s worded that current dog has a crate and the OP needed a second one for the second dog, but big enough for both if they decided to share instead of getting another the same size and then a third bigger one later on if they decided to share?...

Wolfiefan Thu 11-Oct-18 00:17:30

Is crating them together a good idea? You say “when grown”. So pups? Next to each other?

tabulahrasa Thu 11-Oct-18 00:06:50

Don’t get the biggest you can find...that’d be a 48” which gives enough room for me to sit in while my Rottweiler lies down in it...

If you’ve got one already, I’d go for twice that size and round up one if you’re unsure.

DeltaZulu89 Wed 10-Oct-18 21:00:00

You need to buy a crate that will be big enough for both dogs to stand and turn around easily. I would recommend getting the biggest you can find, and then using dog safe beds to pad out, and placing a blanket over to make a safe den for them.


FrozenSprats Wed 10-Oct-18 20:42:32

First timer - need to order a crate as adopting another dog this weekend (family emergency). Both dogs will be 8-10kgs when full grown - utility breed. Need to buy a new cage that gives them the option of sleeping together if they want to. TIA

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