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Feeling sorry for my puppy

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pinkunicorn20 Wed 10-Oct-18 19:03:00

One of my puppies (6 month sbt) had diarrhoea and 6 episodes of vomiting this morning. She's been off food for 2 days previously but drinking plenty and generally in good spirits. Still enjoying her walks and playing fine with her sister.

Took her to the vets and she's dehydrated from the vomiting, nice soft tummy so no major concerns. Vet gave us powder to rehydrate her, a probiotic to settle her stomach and anti emetic injection. Also advised to feed white foods, chicken, fish rice etc.

Poor little thing has had a rough month with blocked anal glands causing her discomfort and a histiocytoma, requiring several biopsies (thankfully fine now and has spontaneously regressed)

All of this has resulted in her losing a little weight .3 of a kg in 6 weeks and the vet has expressed concern over the loss.
If she hasn't perked up by tomorrow they have advised putting her on a drip to rehydrate and perhaps a blood test.

I don't think I'm looking for advice, my rational brain tells me she's likely eaten something she shouldn't have and it's upset her stomach, however, my irrational side it's really upset and feels like a failure as a pet owner.

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Icklepup Wed 10-Oct-18 19:31:34

Aw, hope she gets better tomorrow

pinkunicorn20 Wed 10-Oct-18 20:02:12

Thanks @Icklepup me too, she's perked up a little this afternoon, maybe from the injection and she's eaten done scrambled egg with the probiotic mixed in so I'm hopeful

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Mamabear12 Wed 10-Oct-18 20:34:04

My puppy had 7 episodes of vomiting one morning. No loose poo though. But perked up by afternoon and stopped vomiting on her own before we took her to vet just to be on safe side. Vet gave us special food, rehydration and probiotics. My pup was good as new the next day. It was a speedy recovery. But yes, I felt sorry her her while she was ill! Hope yours is all better!

pinkunicorn20 Wed 10-Oct-18 21:00:17

Thanks @Mamabear12 that's reassuring to hear.

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dudsville Wed 10-Oct-18 21:30:43

Poor little thing. Lots of love to you both. It's hard for her and for you seeing her struggle.

Florries Wed 10-Oct-18 21:47:55

You are most definitely not a failure and Avery loving human my to your little pup.woshher the speediest of recoveries and hope her out of luck changes too!

pinkunicorn20 Wed 10-Oct-18 22:04:11

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments, I'm sat under both pups, desperate for a wee but don't want to move because they're so sweet when they sleep smile

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8DaysAWeek Wed 10-Oct-18 22:07:06

Certainly not a failure, all of those things out of your control! Silly pups eat and lick all sorts without us noticing. You have to wonder why we have them sometimes, with the worry they bring. But of course their love is worth it halo

FVFrog Wed 10-Oct-18 22:11:53

My puppy got haemorrhagic gastroenteritis at 6 months from eaten some compost. Needed IV fluids and antibiotics. He is now a strapping 3 year old (still eats crap if I let him, lab mix!). It happens and you are doing everything a caring owner could do. Hope your puppy gets better soon smile

TweedAddict Wed 10-Oct-18 22:31:01

That’s the same symptoms as my dog had as a pup. I was at the vet every few days, she just wasn’t thriving. I got a second opinion. Turns out she has got liver shunt, it’s taken us a long road but 2 years in and she’s the wellest she’s very been. She’s on meds for life, and a few different types at that but looking at her you would never know.

pinkunicorn20 Thu 11-Oct-18 19:22:40

Thanks again for all the lovely messages.
I'm pleased to report that my pup is feeling much better today, she's got bags of energy and has been wagging her tail all day.

Vet has recommended keeping her on a light diet for a few days along with the rehydration sachets and probiotics then gradually reintroduce her regular food but to get in touch if she doesn't improve further.

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FVFrog Thu 11-Oct-18 22:04:56

Good to hear op

dudsville Sun 14-Oct-18 06:21:56


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