If you had a working dog puppy or just a dog who likes to play scent work...

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ScentWorkBags Thu 11-Oct-18 19:45:02

They're just for scent playing. Like a board game kit for puppies

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MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 11-Oct-18 18:52:34

When I did gun dog training with my last dog I used pheasant wings wrapped in an old sock before we moved on to dummy work. They smelt vaguely of what he would be picking up.

Your scent bags would be great for playing scent games as long as you’re not moving on to looking for a specific scent.

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Thu 11-Oct-18 17:14:53

No I do scent work and would want articles with a specific scent not catnip.

If they are all packaged in the same box they scent would become contaminated

They would not need to be in a tough material for scentwork as dogs should be giving a passive indication, if not ready for this I would be using heavy objects they could not pick up

So not for me.

ScentWorkBags Wed 10-Oct-18 16:57:44

Sorry forgot the photo!

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ScentWorkBags Wed 10-Oct-18 16:57:06

Would you buy these?

My pup loves scent work and I was told to buy small plush cat toys to scent. Which he desteoyed in one session.

So I made scent pillows instead.

I would have a variety of tough fabrics available in different colours.

I would sell them in a metal gift tin which also doubles as the scenting box.
A container of catnip for scenting.
And an instruction pamphlet to explain how to scent and how to play effectively.

I also have the ability to personalise each scent pillow with the dogs name or a message.

Would this be something you might buy?
And how much would you pay?


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