Which dog should we get?

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alessandrae83 Wed 10-Oct-18 11:55:33


we are looking for a dog. we already have one dog who is a poodle x terrier of some kind from cyprus. He is a placid dog but not very affectionate, doesn't play at all and is a lazy bones. He likes other dogs and I think it would be good for his physical and mental health to have a friend. We are a family with two kids age 5 and 9. Which breed would be best for us? Listing requirements below. I know a lot of it is based on the individual dog and we would prefer to rescue again so willing to wait until the right one comes along.

-Must be child friendly
-dog friendly
-Not an excessive drooler
- prefer less of a shedder but its not essential
-Likes a good walk pref least 60 mins a day.
-affectionate and loves a cuddle/fuss

anyone? any experiences to share?


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bunnygeek Wed 10-Oct-18 12:05:04

Have you tested having a second dog actually in the home with your existing one? Getting along with visiting ones or when out and about isn't the same as living with one constantly and can bring out stress behaviours which you may not see immediately (such as excessive grooming).

bestbefore Wed 10-Oct-18 12:13:21

Mini schnauzer - calm / don't shed / like a walk / like a cuddle smile

Icklepup Wed 10-Oct-18 12:27:21

Look up border terrier

Ottermum23 Wed 10-Oct-18 12:34:05

We have a cockapoo. Best dog ever.

mamalovebird Wed 10-Oct-18 12:44:01

I'd second a Miniature Schnauzer. Ours is playful, loves cuddles, relatively easy to train, likes a walk/runaround, no drool, good with the kids - takes all sort of rough and tumble from my two (8 & 5), doesn't shed (however, that means grooming every couple of months), social but equally can tolerate periods on his own (although I only work 3 days and nip back at lunchtime to let him out)..... great family dog. We've had ours 2 years now and just about to start looking for another.

simplepimple Wed 10-Oct-18 12:50:27

Please consider getting another Cyprus rehome dog. This fb site is very good.



MaryBoBary Wed 10-Oct-18 14:18:41

We have a whippet and he is just wonderful. Short coat so no shedding, loves a good run and someone to throw the ball thrower for him. Very friendly with other dogs and is absolutely brilliant with our toddler, cat and chickens! Doesn’t bat an eyelid to any of them. Here’s a photo as a 9 week old and as a 2 year old, he’s 4 now and gets many admiring comments!

Fatjilly Thu 11-Oct-18 19:37:52

Definitely schnauzer! Best dogs ever. Will happily join in with whatever the family is doing whether that’s running, playing, cuddling or snoozing. My boy is the most ‘human’ dog I’ve ever known. He understands everything and will hold a long conversation of various woofs and woos. He can play rough with boisterous dogs yet so, so gentle with pups, cats, kids. No moulting or drooling either and they are THE cutest puppies!

LittlePearl Thu 11-Oct-18 19:46:59

You're describing a Border Terrier - great little dogs, we've had two and can recommend.

anniehm Fri 12-Oct-18 22:22:57

Only collies for me, so trainable and love to walk (but downright lazy in between), fine with other dogs and cats if had from young - can be quite protective of their family though so burglars watch out

ditavonteesed Tue 16-Oct-18 18:17:06

Well I don't agree with border terrier, my border is awful with other dogs and I don't think this is rare.

adaline Tue 16-Oct-18 18:33:39

I wouldn't agree with a collie - they're a lot of work and need tons of mental and physical stimulation once they're fully grown.

I would say something like a cocker spaniel, miniature schnauzer, border terrier or similar. All happy to walk for a good while, don't shed massively and most of the ones I meet are good natured - both with other animals and people.

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Tue 16-Oct-18 19:29:03

As you yourself have found out all dogs will be individual and have their own personalities. There is no way you can guarantee what you are asking for in your list.

Dog friendly, child friendly, affectionate have you thought of a stuffed dog grin the only way you can be sure to get what is on your list. hmm though some of those shed

buckleten Tue 16-Oct-18 19:54:43

We have a collie and a whippet, both would fit the bill but the whippet in particular is really playful and silly, and super affectionate (she is on my lap right now!). Both are rescues.

shelly0 Tue 16-Oct-18 21:44:37

Labrador the most loving dog I've ever come across in my life she is a little baby loves to play and have cuddles

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