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Watery poo? 14 week pup

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ThisIsHalloween2018 Wed 10-Oct-18 11:01:39

My pups just had diarreah.

Not just loose stool but like water. With a loose clump in the middle with grass and small sticks in

Should I be concerned?

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ThisIsHalloween2018 Wed 10-Oct-18 11:25:38

Just done it again for the 3rd time in about 45 mins

Sorry for gross photo

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CMOTDibbler Wed 10-Oct-18 11:42:36

You need to take them to the vet asap. Small puppies can dehydrate very quickly with that kind of poo

fivedogstofeed Wed 10-Oct-18 12:11:13

Vet asap

ThisIsHalloween2018 Wed 10-Oct-18 12:25:05


I've got no money.

I've just had to pay a massive unexpected bill.

I have insurance but the excess is £150

Crap crap crap

She seems absolutely fine. She's drinking fine.

Can I make her an electrolyte drink?

Yesterday I would have had the money sad

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doggydoodoo1 Wed 10-Oct-18 12:40:19

Phone your vet and ask for advice. They may be able to suggest something. Your pooch will be fine x

ThisIsHalloween2018 Wed 10-Oct-18 12:46:19

I'm making her white fish and rice.

Shes running about like a loon and playing fetch.

The vet will just say bring her in. That's £25 straight away I dont have.

Kicking myself now
Thought I was being productive paying bill in whole and promptly

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doggydoodoo1 Wed 10-Oct-18 12:50:21

Did the vet advise fish and rice? I'm only asking because my boy had a runny bum earlier this week so we didn't feed him for 24 hours. He was then fine.

doggydoodoo1 Wed 10-Oct-18 12:51:28

He was running around while having a runny bum.

ThisIsHalloween2018 Wed 10-Oct-18 13:00:37

No.I just just thought it would be gentler. It's her first meal today

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MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Wed 10-Oct-18 13:12:38

Is she used to the food you have been giving her? Or have you changed it?

My course of action with squirty bottoms (children/creatures) is to slow down and reduce any food intake, keep it normal/bland, keep person/pup calm and quiet. Try and make sure they are not taking in excessive water.

So I would look to give about half of usual amounts at mealtimes.

If no improvement in 24 hours, or any decline prior then vet or GP

MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Wed 10-Oct-18 13:13:41

Also if she is just 14 weeks she ought to be on 3-4 small meals a day...what do you usually do?

ThisIsHalloween2018 Wed 10-Oct-18 13:16:20

She has 3 meals a day.

She has a high quality wet food but she doesn't like it.

We ran out yesterday so decided not to rebuy so this morning we have her a cup of dry food we got from but she refused it

Then the poops came.

So she was on her usual food but hadn't eaten this morning because she didn't want dry food.

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BiteyShark Wed 10-Oct-18 16:44:11

As someone mentioned above they can easily become dehydrated. I also found mine at that age just got worse the longer I left it so I would be looking to take her to the vets.

ThisIsHalloween2018 Wed 10-Oct-18 16:49:00

She's done a solid poop now after the rice and fish.

Going to keep her on that a few days.

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