I want to buy a second hand van with lowest boot lip so dog doesn't have to leap

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LimitIsUp Tue 09-Oct-18 13:42:47

Currently have a vehicle which my flatcoat has to leap into. I am not happy that its good for his back and hind quarters etc. Any recommendations for vans with a low loading lip where he could simply step into the boot? Thanks

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crrrzy Tue 09-Oct-18 13:45:12

Might be simpler and cheaper to just buy a folding doggy ramp? smile

tenbob Tue 09-Oct-18 13:48:24

Just get a ramp?
You can get folding aluminium ones which weigh very little and don't take up much space in the boot

LimitIsUp Tue 09-Oct-18 13:54:11

I've bought a ramp before. It was a beast - heavy and not user friendly. I am not keen to buy one online with a recommendation from an existing user

I wouldn't mind having a cheap second hand van purely for the dogs because then the van can get dirty and keep my car clean. I walk in all weathers, daily, in the New Forest and my car is a mess during the winter months

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LimitIsUp Tue 09-Oct-18 13:54:38

that should say 'without a recommendation'

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ileclerc Tue 09-Oct-18 13:57:04

Does it need to be a van? I have a FUGLY vauxhall zafira but the boot is flat not lipped if that makes sense and that makes it easy even for my little terrier to get in and out of. It looks like a van and the boot is huge.

LimitIsUp Tue 09-Oct-18 13:58:08

I'll take a look at that ileclerc - is the boot reasonably spacious?

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Scattyhattie Tue 09-Oct-18 15:24:12

Most of the vans have car version, berlingo/partner teepee/doblo/qubo/tourneo so will have no boot lip & bit lower to the ground, but more flexible than a van for passengers (seats are easy to remove). Insurance is bit easier as classed as cars.

We had a plastic folding ramp that was light but sturdy (used to cover steps rather than car) but not all dogs will use them.

tenbob Tue 09-Oct-18 15:33:41

My granny had a ramp for her goldie
She was 5 foot nothing sparrow of a woman and managed to get it in and out of the car...

We've got a plastic boot liner which can be taken out and shaken to get rid of mud, or have a look at 'doggie bags' which are towels shaped like a giant with a draw string around the top - you wrap your dog in and toggle it around their collar, which dries them off and also keeps the car clean
We have one for our working labs who spend too much time in water and mud all year round...
Getting in the bag earns a treat, so we've never had issues using them

Pigletpoglet Tue 09-Oct-18 21:11:57

I met a couple who kept one of these in the back of the van:
They just bunged it on the floor for the dogs to use as a step/landing pad. Looked like a great idea!

LimitIsUp Tue 09-Oct-18 21:19:28

Bit of lateral thinking there

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Pigletpoglet Tue 09-Oct-18 22:08:24

Cheaper than a new van!!

SlothMama Wed 10-Oct-18 11:16:40

A ramp would be a cheaper option, I can't recommend one however I know that safedog.co.uk do them. They also have distributors across the country so you could arrange to have a look to see if their ramps are more suitable?

Calmed Wed 10-Oct-18 12:12:19


Have you thought about a Horse Van?
I've seen them on the road - the size of a normal van, but for horses, with a folding down ramp, that any dog would find easy to get up. They sell them second-hand online.
If I had space and the money, that's what I would buy next time smile
Here's a link to a brand new one, just to give you an idea:

tabulahrasa Wed 10-Oct-18 13:02:51

You might be better asking in the car section tbh.

I’ve never had a van with a lip like car boots do, it’d make them fairly useless as vans... but they’re mostly a similar height to car boots.

So when I’ve used a van with a dog, they’re still having to jump, though it’s not as big a jump as it’s not up and over.

The current dog is a rottie and the last one was taller and there’s been a few different vans (work ones, so change depending on what’s been bought) and they’ve never been able to just step in.

tabulahrasa Wed 10-Oct-18 13:10:22

You’re getting it in 2 parts because I had to look up van names, rofl

So Astra combi, ford transit courier, Peugeot partner (all small sized vans, 2 seaters and not much bigger than a car) they’re all too tall to just step into for either dog I’ve had in them and ford transits and VW transporters are the next size up (short wheel base ones) and they’re higher off the ground anyway.

MrsZola Fri 12-Oct-18 09:40:01

I've got a Citroen Nemo - plenty of room in the back, low to the ground, no lip and £30 tax. The Berlingo, whilst bigger (and honestly, didn't need that much space) was loads more tax.

DogInATent Fri 12-Oct-18 15:50:57

There are several van-derived cars you could consider, the Berlingo is one.

Most (if not all) Picasso models have no boot lip, but they are quite high.

Dremelza Fri 12-Oct-18 15:57:15

We have a VW transporter van (with lifting tailgate) bought with dogs and kids in mind and I LOVE it! Can't imagine having anything else plus it's good being higher up than when driving a car wink

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