15.5 week old puppy diarrhea

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fizzledays Tue 09-Oct-18 03:07:41

He seems to have had runny tummy for the last day or so on and off...straight to vets or manage at home with rice etc? He's had me up middle of night last 2 nights needing toilet (had previously been sleeping right through).
Instinct is to call vets, would you?

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Mummy2one2016 Tue 09-Oct-18 03:28:54

Have you changed his food last couple of days? Has he perhaps eaten something he shouldn't have on a walk or picked up in the garden?

penisbeakers Tue 09-Oct-18 04:42:28

Any vomiting and blood anywhere? If so call a vet immediately.

fizzledays Tue 09-Oct-18 05:37:23

@Mummy2one2016 his food changed over 11 days ago... he did have maybe 10 pieces of other dog kibble Sunday?
@penisbeakers no blood, no. Just pudding-y like poo for s couple of days.
He goes to an awesome doggy daycare so I have no idea what he could have picked up from the ground eating, but he has had tendency to eat his own poo lately

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BiteyShark Tue 09-Oct-18 06:58:16

If it's on and off and no mucus, blood etc then I might be tempted to leave it until a work day if it's just runny poo and nothing else.

However at that age I would and have had no hesitation going to the vets for a check up if straining or very frequent runny poos and often my puppy at that age had a temperature and needed treatment.

fizzledays Tue 09-Oct-18 07:24:41

Hi @BiteyShark - what do you mean a work day? I'm working from home today so can easily take him in. We're just nervous, it doesn't seem right and he's not himself this morning or touched his breakfast sad

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BiteyShark Tue 09-Oct-18 07:28:16

Oh god what a muppet. I am off work at the moment and so jet lagged from a holiday that I don't know what day it is and I totally forgot it's a work day today. slaps self as in my head it's Sunday blush

In which case yes as he isn't himself I would get an appointment.


fizzledays Tue 09-Oct-18 07:31:12

@BiteyShark hahaha no problem! I was a bit confused just then!
Will be phoning vets at 9am thanks all xx

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Mummy2one2016 Tue 09-Oct-18 09:30:44

Hope you get an appointment at the vets definelty best to get him seen if he is still not 100%.

fizzledays Tue 09-Oct-18 10:51:17

got an appointment, he has a marginal temperature so we have probiotic, plain food and antibiotics to help clear his tummy up. they're checking for anything parasitic because we're going away this weekend and he's off to a dog boarder so we need to be sure he's ok! poor little fur baby

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fizzledays Tue 09-Oct-18 14:57:44

He has giardia 😢😢 poor thing. Our dog boarders now can't have him because of it so desperately trying to find someone to have him while we're away now if we can!

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BiteyShark Tue 09-Oct-18 15:03:59

Oh no sad

I had to cancel one holiday this year due to the dog needing an operation for an obstruction so understand how shit no pun intended it is when this kind of thing happens close to you going away.

fizzledays Tue 09-Oct-18 18:26:38

Beyond stressful @BiteyShark thank god we have a solution, we need this break so badly!!

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BiteyShark Tue 09-Oct-18 18:28:25

That's good. Enjoy your break smile

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