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boffin9207 Sun 07-Oct-18 15:46:42


I’ve posted before when DP and I were considering getting a dog and exploring options - puppy / rescue etc.

DP and I have since contacted a local rescue who have carried out a home visit, think we are suitable and may have a dog in mind for us.

It is all very early stages and I don’t want to get our hopes up. I also have no plans to actually buy anything at this stage - I just want to be prepared for when the time comes so I know what to get.

We’ve been advised that it really differs what the dogs come in with - some have everything, others have a collar, if that!

Please can you suggest a list of things to make sure we have for when the time comes? Also, Pets at Home seems to get mixed reviews on here - are we okay buying stuff from there or should we go elsewhere?

In addition, as the weather is turning DP and I should probably get some proper walking boots / shoes and waterproofs. Any suggestions on where to get these, along with any suggestions of what else we should get?

Thanks in advance.

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 07-Oct-18 16:16:01

for you:

walking boots (like womens and mens


a dog whistle so you can call them back link

for the dog:

a bed
a collar
some toys ( i recommend the brand kong)
food and water bowl
food ( we have the wainrights grain free from pets at home)
a dog crate (if you get a puppy they will sleep in this at night)
a non slip mat for the car

good luck!

maerd Sun 07-Oct-18 16:47:25

A lot of it is a bit of a case of ‘wait and see’ really. Live with the dog for a bit before deciding on a bed etc (some dogs hate the plastic/wicker beds, some love them, others hate too much cushioning and prefer a flat mat, others love a taller bed, others love a crate etc etc) so get something cheap and fairly simple to begin with and learn how dog likes to sleep.
For bowls, I prefer the heavier ceramic dog bowls rather than the stainless steel ones, mainly because I can’t bear the noise of a stainless steel one dragging along the floor while they lick every last morsel out of it.

I really like Ruffwear collars, and I also would hugely recommend Indigo Collar Tags. You can fit so much information on them (we have two phone numbers plus our full address) and they are nigh on impossible for dog to lose. For leads, I like Halti.

For walking, again, totally personal preference and trial and error. I have a pair of wellies for very wet days, and barefoot ankle boots for weather that isn’t too horrendous. I hate walking boots because they get so heavy with mud and feel really clunky, but again, depends what you like and where you will be walking. I also prefer a wax jacket with a wax rain hat than a big coat with a hood.

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Sun 07-Oct-18 17:58:09

It is all so personal to you and the dog.

I don't have food bowls for example as my dogs work for all meals.

I hate wellies and always wear walking boots but again my DH loves Brasher boots I prefer Berghaus basically stay away from anything from Mountain Warehouse as it is rubbish, horrible soles and will not be waterproof whatever the label says!

Do try on the boots and then go back to the Internet to get the best deal

Wax jackets are too heavy for me so I pref griner lighter weight wet clothing

Most important thing is insurance!

I don't like pets at home products and usually get tuff stuff but again can depend on breed and type of dog eg not great for the pointy dogs

I always use perfect fit harnesses - do not use the harnesses that go across the chest use Y shaped harness on the chest to prevent shoulder injury.

Vet bed for bedding

I like doggie solution tags on collars (same as indigo) but go over collars with snap fasteners as I hate buckle collars as they can cause injuries.

Kongs are great but again wait until you know which dog as to which one to get re size and toughness.

I love tuggy toys so use these expensive but worth it again need to see what type for what dog.

How exciting though and good luck with your new dog grin

boffin9207 Sun 07-Oct-18 18:02:07

Thank you so much! Your replies are really helpful. smile

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maerd Sun 07-Oct-18 19:39:29

Valla my Indigo Tags go over my snap collars here too, they have the option for either buckle or snaps smile

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Sun 07-Oct-18 19:42:37

Do they now that is fantastic thank you Maerd


DogInATent Sun 07-Oct-18 20:14:25

In addition, as the weather is turning DP and I should probably get some proper walking boots / shoes

Don't spend too much on fancy brands, just get decent waterproof boots but remember that the will wear out. Vibram soles are good for about 500-600 miles of pavement walking. That's maybe 8-10 months of dog walking if you've a medium-sized dog, live in town, and split the walking duties between you. Vibram soles are used by big name brands (e.g. Scarpa) and mid-range store brands (e.g. Mountain Warehouse). Mid-range or big name, the boots are going to wear out at about the same time.

If you do any park/meadow walking through grass, make sure the boots have a fully waterproof upper (not mesh) or you'll get wet feet from dew and rain.

I find the Mountain Warehouse boots very comfortable and decent value, just never pay full-price. There's almost always a Sale on or just around the corner.

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