Runaway pup

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sazzle27 Sun 07-Oct-18 01:44:37

As far as I am aware it is a yes to all of those.
Set up cameras, camped out, posters everywhere...
Will send her that list though just in case I've misunderstood what theyve done so far..

Thank you

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 06-Oct-18 22:23:07

Has she
- checked the microchip address / owner details are up to date
- told the microchip company she's lost / stolen
- posted on
- Posted in Harvey's Army South (Facebook group)
- told local dog warden, dog shelters etc. that she's missing?

sazzle27 Sat 06-Oct-18 21:23:54

In case anyone is heading Brentwood, Essex way soon... my friend’s dog has run away and has yet to be found.. number to call if you see a small mini dachshund black and tan!
Do not approach, just phone the owners.

Any help spreading the word is appreciated!

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