Ffs my poor boy has been attacked

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Wellfuckmeinbothears Sat 06-Oct-18 15:28:24

I’m really sorry if this comes out ranty but I’m fuming.

We have a 22 month old husky. He’s friendly but enthusiastic and has zero recall so is always on a lead. Today whilst I was walking him we encountered two men with three other dogs. Two were also huskies on leads. Their owners brought them towards us to say hello. All dogs very happy to greet each other. Then our of nowhere a third dog appears (long haired German shepherd cross) which was off lead and lunged for our dog. Owner was one of the two men and had to drag his dog off. Our dog is whimpering and bleeding. Owner then starts trying to be all jovial and yelling me the dog is “just” fear aggressive. SO WHY IS IF OFF FUCKING LEAD??? In a crowded park with tonnes of dogs and kids. How fucking stupid do you have to be. I don’t give a flying fuck if your dog is “fear” aggressive. It’s bloody aggressive end of. Do not fucking exercise is off lead. I am so, so angry. My dog has needed stitches because of a fucking useless owner.

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lovetherisingsun Sat 06-Oct-18 15:31:16

My nextdoor neighbours dog jumped the fence, came round the back, into our house, and he was so huge his whole jaw span clamped down over my dogs belly. He punctured his stomach, and my dog was making the most god awful fear yelps. The owner, when she came over to find her dog, saw me covered in blood and just sneered at me "well, your dog is just a yappy little shit anyway".

Some owners are just awful, stupid people OP. You have my sympathies. How's your little boy now? x

Wellfuckmeinbothears Sat 06-Oct-18 15:31:35

Sorry for all the spelling mistakes, lots of “ifs” instead of “it’s”! I’m just so angry. A dog known to be fear aggressive should absolutely not be off lead in a park.

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Wellfuckmeinbothears Sat 06-Oct-18 15:33:42

Thank you. He’s ok, feeling very sorry for himself with a cone that makes him look like the lamp out of Pixar! I’m just so angry. Why do they think it’s acceptable? My boy is cowering. He’s so sad and so am I. Why was that dog off lead? What if it had attacked a child the way it attacked my dog?

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Wellfuckmeinbothears Sat 06-Oct-18 15:34:04

I’m so sorry for what happened to your dog x

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Chaosandmadness Sat 06-Oct-18 15:34:47

My dog is fear aggressive. He is ALWAYS on the lead and his lead and harness have caution written all over them to keep others away (doesn't always work) It gives me the rage when I hear stories like yours OP and I hope your boy is ok

Wellfuckmeinbothears Sat 06-Oct-18 15:38:48

Thank you Chaos, that’s really reassuring. I just don’t understand why that dogs owner let it off lead, it’s as much a danger to itself as other dogs. It just annoys me so much. If you know your dog is fear aggressive it should never be off lead. I feel for the dog as much as I’m angry with the owner x

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Chaosandmadness Sat 06-Oct-18 16:24:56

I've been working with a dog trainer and behaviourist just so I can understand my boys needs and fears better. I hate it when he kicks off at other dogs and I wouldn't dream of letting him off in any public place as I would be devastated if he injured another dog. We live in a rural location so I am able to let him off on a field where I know there will be no one around but even then I'm ultra cautious and on edge. I have to hide behind cars or in bushes if we do encounter other dogs just so my dog doesn't upset any other dogs. It's all a bit crazy.

And I absolutely hate it when owners have no control over their dog. The "it's ok my dog is friendly" comment as their dog comes bouncing over to mine. I end up with dislocated shoulders, a stressed out dog and a sore throat from shouting at the other owner.

I'm sorry this has happened to your lovely boy and please be reassured that some of us with fear aggressive dogs try to do everything they can to keep walks stress free

Wellfuckmeinbothears Sat 06-Oct-18 16:36:09

Thank you. You sound like a really responsible and lovely dog owner. It’s good to know owners like you are out there. It’s so hard owning a dog with any kind of issue and you sound like you handle and understand your dogs fears really well. I honestly do sympathise with fear aggressive dogs, they react without malice or intent they just react. I’m just so cross that a bad dog owner has let this happen to both his dog and mine.

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blueskiesandforests Sat 06-Oct-18 16:39:21

Bloody hell Lovetherising I hope you reported her to the police and had her dog destroyed?

Chaosandmadness Sat 06-Oct-18 16:45:39

I hope it doesn't affect his confidence with meeting other dogs and he recovers soon

fivedogstofeed Sat 06-Oct-18 17:00:15

That horrific. Your poor boy. sad
I hope the other owner is paying the vet bills.

NarcolepticOuchMouse Sat 06-Oct-18 17:23:22

This kind of stuff really pisses me off. I have suspicions my boy COULD have fear aggression. Because of this he is NEVER allowed off lead around other dogs and we're seeing a behavioural specialist so we can get him sorted IF he does indeed have this issue. The dosey wanker KNOWING his dog has it and still letting him off lead. I'd be calling the RSPCA to report him and ask for advice.

NarcolepticOuchMouse Sat 06-Oct-18 17:28:44

Also just to add it's against the law to not have your dog under control in a public area. I would urge you to also speak to the police.

Failingat40 Sat 06-Oct-18 17:32:15

Did you get a note of the owners name and address?

You should report him to the local authority dog warden for allowing his dog to be dangerously out of control and attack your dog. It may not be the first time it's attacked. I'd go after him for the vet bill to be paid too.

A lead is no good on its own for these dogs people are saying are 'reactive', they need bloody muzzled and kept away from busy public areas where normal well balanced dogs can enjoy social exercise.

I hope your dog is okay and recovers well.

MrsCatE Sat 06-Oct-18 17:39:51

Bloody hell that's awful Fuckmeinboth and Lovetherising I sincerely hope both your dogs are healing / healed now. Despite my user name, I do like dogs and know a bit about dog training; people can be idiots and SHOULD take it upon themselves to learn how to control their beasts. Unfortunately, that's never going to happen - whatever government legislation is in place. Fuckmeinbothears; did you get any compensation from aggressive dog's owner for your vet costs?? I assume not.

Wellfuckmeinbothears Sat 06-Oct-18 17:56:52

He was very reluctant to give us any details but eventually got a phone number which has proved to be a wrong number. I’m so bloody angry, it’s not just the cost of a vet bill it’s the stupidity and ignorance of him having a dog he knows is reactive off lead in a public place. I really hope this doesn’t affect our dog in the long term, he’s loved every dog he’s ever met.

How would I go about reporting this to a dog warden or the police if I can’t give a name or address?

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Lynne1Cat Sat 06-Oct-18 18:01:53

Oh, your poor boy. That's terrible. Did you tell the police? Some stupid bastards don't know how to behave. I hope your lovely dog goes on alright. Poor thing.

Failingat40 Sat 06-Oct-18 18:02:19

Since he's failed to give details and given a false phone number go to social media to try and get him identified. I bet his dog has done this before. This is not the normal action of someone genuinely sorry for what their dog has done.

If he regularly walks with the guy with the two huskies people will know who they are. Post all over local community /selling pages. You could also return to the area (without your dog) to see if he appears again.

Could look through the members of the husky groups to see if you can find the friend he was with?
It's so awful that people like this take no responsibility for their dog. He will allow it to attack again.

Lynne1Cat Sat 06-Oct-18 18:03:37

Would there be any CCTV cameras around? Any witnesses?

Wellfuckmeinbothears Sat 06-Oct-18 19:00:13

Thank you @Failingat40 those are all really helpful ideas, we’ll definitely give them a go.

Not sure about cctv but the park is next door to a primate school so it’s possible.

Dh is all for reporting to the police so they’ll know about cctv etc x

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LittleBLUEsmurfHouse Sat 06-Oct-18 20:30:37

Yes definitely report to the police as a dangerously out of control dog. Some police forces can be reluctant to act on a dog on dog case but it is still legally a police issue and they should act - particularly since this was bad enough to require stitches.

Were you frightened you'd be hurt in the attack on your dog? If so, emphasise this to the police, as they often see a person's fear of being harmed as even worse than the person's dog actually being harmed.

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