Advice vet or not?

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Namechangedspecifically Sat 06-Oct-18 13:48:39

18 month old Yorker/Jack Russell Cross has been sick 4 times this morning. Now keeps shivering.

I was going to phone the vet but dh said to leave him for the day and I wouldn’t just take the kids straight to the doctors the minute they throw up hmm

He seems ok in himself a bit quieter than usual. No upset stomach that I’ve seen.

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 06-Oct-18 15:07:55

Trouble with Saturdays is that regular vets don't tend to work on Sundays and out of hours vets are much more expensive, so I'd err on the side of having him seen.

LEMtheoriginal Sat 06-Oct-18 15:09:34

Def get to your vet before they shut. You dont wantto be paying OOH fees. You could get a bill with three zeros!

RangeRider Sat 06-Oct-18 15:10:22

Vet now before they shut. Guarantees nothing wrong whereas if you don't you'll end up there tomorrow!

LEMtheoriginal Sat 06-Oct-18 15:10:46

Has he poo'd? Does he eat random stuff?

In all honesty I'd not be leaving that (vet nurse)

Namechangedspecifically Sat 06-Oct-18 15:12:27

His poo is normal. Seems to have picked up a bit. The vets is closed so it would be out of hours. No more sick.

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SilverHairedCat Sat 06-Oct-18 15:12:55

Ring the vet and see what they suggest, but if he taking him in.

It's harder with animals than children (one they can talk at least!), as they mask pain and discomfort so well, that a dog behaving like this is much more worrying.


SilverHairedCat Sat 06-Oct-18 15:13:35

Have you got a Pets At Home nearby? Their vet clinic usually stay open until 5 I think.

LEMtheoriginal Sat 06-Oct-18 15:17:16

Oh that is good about the poo. The worry with a vomiting dog is an obstruction.

I would not be rushing to ooh if vets is shut (but there might be another one open).

If the vomiting continues then ring them. Otherwise watch and wait. Feed bland food like chicken /fish and rice in small amounts.

Check his hydration by pulling some skin up on his scruff. If it pops back down thays good if it is slow to return that could indicaye dehydration.

If hes improving then im sure he'll be fibe x

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