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Benji13 Fri 05-Oct-18 19:27:50

With the dreaded fireworks season upon us soon has anyone got any recommendations for supplements/ drugs?
Our boy Ben is 10 now and had become very fearful in the last couple of years. We have tried:
Thunder shirt, adaptil collar and calmex tablets which have really had fairly minimal effect tbh.
Our new vet suggest neutracalm. Any suggestions out there?
Thank you smile

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MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Fri 05-Oct-18 20:09:29

Bumping and marking place Benji13. Thank you for starting it.

Very interested as I have a rescue lurcher for the last few months who is gentle but nervous (as she was badly treated). I am certain she is going to get very stressed and upset sad

Soubriquet Fri 05-Oct-18 20:11:12

Could you try desensitisation therapy

Start by playing firework sounds very low now. Treat him when he remains calm. Keep increasing the sound till eventually, full sound won’t bother him.

This can take a while though

Ylvamoon Fri 05-Oct-18 21:50:22

I agree with Soubriquet, YouTube has some great fireworks for dogs videos. I play some of them to my own dogs. Just stat of as background noise ...

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