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Is this okay? Worried dog mum!

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BeTrue Thu 04-Oct-18 21:54:46

Just a note beforehand, the following is a completely one off situation and is not and never will be a regular occurance.

My partner, his children and I made plans for tomorrow, which I completely forgot about so hadn't sorted any prior care for the dog (usually a member of my family would have him but this isn't an option tomorrow) and it means he would be left for approx 2 hours tomorrow evening, he will also be left from 9am-12pm, with a walk first thing in the morning and again at lunch, then left from 1pm-5pm with another walk when I'm back from work. Our plans are made so we will need to leave the house at 7pm and be back just after 9pm. My partner usually works from home so he is very rarely left but it's happened that everything has fallen on this one day!

Is this okay for a one off or should I let him and the kids go and me stay home?

TIA smile

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Pinkbendyman Thu 04-Oct-18 21:58:38

Awh, that sounds absolutely fine!

Just make a big fuss of him each time you’re around.

Perhaps leave the radio on for him too.

WeeMadArthur Thu 04-Oct-18 21:59:31

If the dog is normally calm about being alone in the house then I would think it is ok as a one off if it’s been exercised and out for the loo before you go.

GiraffeObsessedBaby Thu 04-Oct-18 22:00:20

It's longer than I would like for mine, but as long as plenty of fuss and some good walks in between it's a one off it's fine.

Costacoffeeplease Thu 04-Oct-18 22:03:06

I wouldn’t do it, he’s going to be alone for 9 hours, which he isn’t used to

BeTrue Thu 04-Oct-18 22:06:43

He won't be alone for a solid 9 hours, he is used to being alone for 3 hours (ish) at a time, and is never destructive and quite comfortable with his stuffed kong, chews and the radio being on. He never has accidents and he would be taken out for long walks to ensure he is exercised plenty. Like I said completely a one off being left 3 times in the course of a day but wouldn't be a solid 9 hours

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Costacoffeeplease Thu 04-Oct-18 22:09:04

Yes I know it’s not a solid 9 hours, as I am able to read, but it’s a total 9 hours

You’re going to do it anyway so I don’t see why you’ve asked really

missyB1 Thu 04-Oct-18 22:09:10

It’s fine as a one off. I had to leave mine longer than usual one day this week, I felt horribly guilty but she was absolutely fine.

Nesssie Thu 04-Oct-18 22:10:48

Should be fine. Give him frozen kongs/chews to keep him occupied, and don’t make a big deal when you leave him, make it seem like a normal thing.

Nesssie Thu 04-Oct-18 22:12:15

I leave mine for 8hrs when I’m at work and he’s fine (but a large breed so big bladder).

BeTrue Thu 04-Oct-18 22:13:51

Costa - I don't see why you're replying in the manner you are? I asked a very simple question and appreciate your opinion. I have not made a decision and not for one second am I going to leave him alone if it is not the best thing for him. Every other posters reply is different to yourself so I wanted to clarify my points to you as you may have been able to offer more advice but it seems you are just here to cast a judgemental views on people who are genuinely looking for help.

Thank you for your advice.

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Nesssie Thu 04-Oct-18 22:14:50

In some people’s eyes, leaving a dog at all is cruel. You can’t have a dog and a life...

QOD Thu 04-Oct-18 22:18:01

My dog is regularly left for up to 5 hours once a day - I was off today with her and it was fascinating how she entertained herself. I think she’s fed up with my company and noise - she took herself off outside and spent nearly an hour just pottering round the garden, and then sat in her garden basket, all wrapped up (by herself) in a blanket and had a 2 hr snooze.
Was so sweet!
Shes tiny and has a cat flap into a high walled secure garden

BeTrue Thu 04-Oct-18 22:19:06

Nessie (I have no idea how to tag people on here as I don't often post) - tell me about it, genuinely looking for advice and help from other dog owners and thought this would be the best place for it.

I know my dog is happy and cared for and that is my only concern smile

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Costacoffeeplease Thu 04-Oct-18 22:20:34

Possibly because you assumed I was lacking in comprehension and needed the times spelt out to me

As I said before, I wouldn’t do it

Adviceandguidanceneeded Thu 04-Oct-18 22:23:33

That sounds fine , my dog would sleep that 9 hours with the walks inbetween. I'm at work 8.5-9 hours a day, she is out with dog walker twice, every time I check on the camera she's just passed out

BeTrue Thu 04-Oct-18 22:26:27

And I thank you for your opinion.

Not lacking comprehension, maybe just lacking empathy and understanding that someone is looking for help not to be judged on something that hasn't even happened.

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CaseFace30 Thu 04-Oct-18 22:26:48

What does he do whilst you're around - sleep?
My dog is left for long stretches and he just sleeps, as he would if we were home. He goes and sleeps on our bed where he sleeps at night, I don't even think he notices were gone!

Whatsforu Thu 04-Oct-18 22:28:56

That does not sound excessive. I am astounded at the people who are up in arms if a dog is left longer than 1 hour!!!! Yes all dogs are different but what you have suggest is not unreasonable.

Costacoffeeplease Thu 04-Oct-18 22:29:29

But I knew it wasn’t 9 solid hours, that didn’t need repeating confused

I’m confused by the empathy thing, either I’d do it or I wouldn’t - I wouldn’t

Or do you just want people to say ‘there, there, it will be fine’? Is that empathy and understanding?

BeTrue Thu 04-Oct-18 22:30:18

Caseface - he has his meal in a kong toy so will play with that for a while, then nap, then have another go with the kong, then nap. He's generally a very calm and quiet dog, loves his walks and is exercised very well so when we are in the house he's very chilled out smile

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Screamqueenz Thu 04-Oct-18 22:31:25

I work full time and have a dog walker, my 6 are left from 9am through to 5.30pm with a walk at lunchtime.
They seem fine on it and mainly sleep (I have a camera so I can monitor them).
What breed of dog is it? Mine are exracing greyhounds, so love to sleep.

BeTrue Thu 04-Oct-18 22:31:55

Costa - it was purely for clarification. Understanding and empathy is the manner in which you speak to someone is looking for advice. I replied to you as I thought you would be able to offer more than '

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ChardonnaysPrettySister Thu 04-Oct-18 22:32:05

It's a one off and he will have walks in-between.

It will be fine. It happens. Don't worry.

OrcinusOrca Thu 04-Oct-18 22:33:15

He'll be fine. It's very broken up. If we all did what a few MNers said with dogs no one would have them. I have more than one dog and my DH and I both work full time. Three days a week they are left for four hours, someone is back for lunch and they're alone again for four and a half hours. We have a pet cam and they happily snooze the whole time. They're most unimpressed if I try and take them straight for a walk when I get in, they'd much rather have their dinner smile

Being home all the time does not equate to being a good dog owner. I know plenty of people who rarely leave their's and as a result they have major separation anxiety, major socialisation issues and pretty miserable lives. There is a balance, as always.

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