Worried about dog operation

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Kate123cl Thu 04-Oct-18 19:21:54

Hi guys.
So my almost 11 year old male Bichon Frise will be undergoing surgery on Monday morning to remove some calcium oxalate stones from his bladder. We'll be taking him in at 9:30 and picking him up before 6pm. He's otherwise relatively healthy I'm just petrified that he woke wake up from the anaestheticsad someone please try and calm me down!

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Kate123cl Thu 04-Oct-18 19:42:44


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missbattenburg Thu 04-Oct-18 19:49:03

They are a worry, aren't they OP?

Did your vet recommend blood tests to help determine which GA they use?

Even if not, a healthy dog has the very best shot at coming through the surgery without issue - millions of dogs do every year.

fluffypudcats Thu 04-Oct-18 19:50:47

Deep breaths x My 15yo puss had two general anaesthetics within a couple of weeks - toe amputation then leg amputation. She bounced (well, hopped) back and coped brilliantly. Trust them - they aren't going to take risks

Kate123cl Thu 04-Oct-18 19:53:29

@missbattenburg Very much so no they haven't done a blood test... apparently the surgery is very straightforward which helps a tad!

@fluffypudcats Wow a very brave old kitty then! It's amazing the things they can do. That makes me feel a little bit better, thank you x

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LimeJellyHead Fri 05-Oct-18 11:08:21

Don't worry. He'll be grand smile I've had loads of oldies go through ops and your vet would not do it if they felt it was dangerous.

So deep breaths, smile and know he is in safe hands. He'll know if you are scared xxx

Kate123cl Fri 05-Oct-18 11:23:18

@LimeJellyHead Thank you so much. I know you're right, I'm just a stressy pants! Haha xxx

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fluffypudcats Tue 23-Oct-18 22:19:36

How did the surgery go?

Kate123cl Wed 24-Oct-18 07:53:19

@fluffypudcats His operation went greatsmile it was quite a big incision and quite painful for a few days but he's back to himself! No more blood in urine and seems much happier in general!

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LimeJellyHead Wed 24-Oct-18 08:45:05

That's good news smile

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