Puppy food for mini schnauzer

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geekone Fri 05-Oct-18 10:17:57

We have a giant he has tribal, Eden and guru all cold pressed and my dads mini eats the same. They can be a bit delicate of the stomach the schnauzer so be careful when changing and do it gradually over 3-4 weeks.

kennythekangaroo Thu 04-Oct-18 13:45:58

My schnauzer cross has been on gentle since we weaned him off the puppy food . I've been very happy with it and he wolfs it down.

missbattenburg Thu 04-Oct-18 13:42:20

There are loads out there but some of the brands that I am happy to feed Battendog are:

- Millie's Wolfheart
- Canagan
- Eden
- Akela
- Aatu
- Forthglade

Maybe take a look at them and see if any look good to you?

p.s. that is one bonkers-cute puppy!

LadyLuna16 Thu 04-Oct-18 10:42:40

We have a wonderful mini schnauzer girl who is 9.5 weeks old. She is brilliant.
We are feeding her Purina puppy that came with the breeder, but I want to feed her a high quality, grain free food.

I have had a look at allaboutdogfood.co.uk but wondered if people had any recommendations.

I hate the thought of feeding her junk.

Thanks so much. I have added a picture for bribery!

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