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Supplementing food with oil, for a dog with skin issues.

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SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 03-Oct-18 11:31:53

Ddog2 has recently been diagnosed with a bacterial skin infection, which the vet thinks is probably secondary to dermatitis. We had recently changed her food to a hypoallergenic one (James Wellbeloved) because she'd had gastric problems that they thought could be food intolerance related, and the skin problems didn't appear until a few weeks later, so we are hoping the dermatitis isn't food allergy related.

It could be contact dermatitis - I have recently washed their bedding, and used fabric conditioner, which I usually don't do - and the scratching did start after that.

Anyhow - we are monitoring her diet, and have rewashed their bedding without the conditioner, and she is on antibiotics for the infection, so we hope to get things under control.

A friend has advised supplementing her diet with oil - I have done a bit of research on the interwebs but can't find out if it is OK simply to supplement with 5mls of ordinary oil (sunflower or olive oil, for example) or if I have to buy a specific supplement. I did read that it isn't advisable to use human codliver oil supplements, and that salmon oil might be better - but it seems to be very expensive for what it is, so I was wondering if I can just use oil that I can buy at the supermarket?

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TheHodgeoftheHedge Wed 03-Oct-18 11:39:29

I am a huge fan of adding salmon oil to my dogs food every day and it does wonders for their skin and hair.

I also hugely recommend this both as a topical treatment but also as a food supplement for dogs with skin issues. It changed our lives after my terrier's skin allergy issues.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Wed 03-Oct-18 11:41:51

BTW just to go back to the salmon oil, you can get a litre of salmon oil for only just over a tenner. It will last for ages. That's not a huge expense?

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 03-Oct-18 11:42:56

Thank you! I will look at that.

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Teddy1905 Wed 03-Oct-18 14:00:40

Hi, do you mind if I join this thread? I'm really interested in adding salmon oil as a supplement for my two westies. How much do you add to each meal?

TheHodgeoftheHedge Wed 03-Oct-18 14:25:27

Hey Teddy.
I highly recommend it for Westies. Dosing depends slightly on the quality/brand of oil (most will have dosage on the side of the bottle but mine normally get a generous teaspoon in their evening dinner.
If yours have sensitive tums you might want to start with smaller dosage until they get used to it.

Teddy1905 Wed 03-Oct-18 15:54:34

Thankyou Hedge! I've ordered it from amazon. They're skin is ok at the moment, but they are still very young, and I know they are prone, as a breed to skin issues. Prevention is better than cure!

SlothMama Wed 03-Oct-18 16:06:22

My partners akita has awful skin problems and a grass seed allergy. We added salmon oil to his diet and improved the quality of food he was being fed (the dog lives with FIL) and he's doing so much better. No more hotspots or scratching!

tabulahrasa Wed 03-Oct-18 16:37:38

I give salmon oil along with other supplements for his joints... it’s really not that expensive.

He’s a very large dog so gets 3 tsps a day and a 500ml bottle lasts just over a month.

Wolfiefan Wed 03-Oct-18 16:39:24

I use yumove itchy dog.
Also avoid washing dog’s stuff in liquid detergent/conditioner etc that contains MI.

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